Famous records expose the national football team is deliberately put bad, this is to do Li Xiaopeng, the football association should thoroughly check the players

Recently, the Chinese women’s summit of the Asian cup will undoubtedly become the focus of attention of domestic fans women’s football in the Asian cup game brought the tenacious fight, they will never agree to let them on the day the drama to row in the semi-final and final stage, especially in the final is the drama of the staged a fightback, whereas men, they lost to Japan and Vietnam in a row,Especially in the defeat against Vietnam, this is not acceptable to the fans.Recently, li Xuan, director of the newspaper Football and a well-known media personality, made a comment on social media about China’s disastrous defeat to Vietnam, which still attracted a lot of attention from fans. She said:Yourself when chatting with a football in the industry, talked about the women’s and men’s soccer personalises other circumstances this time, we are all very sigh with emotion, and we also have the same feeling, that’s the game against Vietnam is very strange, there are a few players has gone bad, is clearly someone to deliberately bad don’t want to win.Indeed, seen on the team’s game with Vietnam fans should be able to feel the same way, although there is no show someone deliberately bad, but I still can feel the players play is obviously some disorders, according to the team’s player of the normal power, if to normal play, the results will not be such, even can’t win,But the national football team scene is certainly not crushed by the opponent, so some fans can not help but say that this may be someone wants to deliberately do the new national football team captain Li Xiaopeng.Look at women’s football players on the court without any complaints, all of them are in one hundred percent of the effort for the team, in contrast, football players but I did not see national honor as one of the most important, but in their heart in their own blueprints, have fans have called on the football association, should be a soccer player, but what’s the use of such calls?It is known that Li Xiaopeng is not the coach selected by the Football Association, but directly determined by the General Administration of Sports. Perhaps it is more than the players who want to do away with Li Xiaopeng. For Li Xiaopeng, he should now make a tough hand and completely abandon the players with problems in attitude.

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