A woman was stunned when she found out her best friend’s child looked like her after a paternity test

Friendship between girls is always magical.When a woman has a best friend, she has to do a lot of things together.At school, it is most common to eat together on the toilet.The woman secretly took a paternity test after discovering her best friend’s child was so similar to her own.What a surprise!Xiao Zhang has a best friend, too.Unexpectedly, they had a baby at the same time, so they agreed to go to the hospital for a C-section at the same time and give birth at the same time.Xiao Zhang’s mother-in-law’s family is a single inheritance of three generations, so Xiao Zhang hopes to have a son, but unexpectedly, Xiao Zhang’s best friend has a son, and he has a daughter.While I’m not saying I don’t like my daughter, I still feel a little uncomfortable with my mother-in-law’s sarcasm.As the children grew up, the neighbors noticed that the children of Xiao Zhang’s best friend looked more and more like themselves, and their children looked like Xiao Zhang’s best friend.Xiao Zhang was skeptical, but didn’t think his best friend would treat him that way.Her mother-in-law often laughs at Xiao Zhang again and again.Xiao Zhang finally couldn’t resist going to the hospital with the son of Xiao Zhang’s best friend.A paternity test showed that zhang’s best friend’s “son” was zhang’s son.When Xiao Zhang heard the news, he angrily took the child out of his best friend’s house.Since then, her best friend and Xiao Zhang never came back, and Xiao Zhang always regarded her best friend as her enemy.He felt he had missed out on years with his children because of his girlfriend’s selfishness.As a result, he was looked over by his mother-in-law for several years.He felt that his girlfriend had caused his dissatisfaction.Children’s appearance is related to their parents.If the parents were beautiful, the children would not be so bad.For example, many star children inherit their parents’ beauty and look very charming.If the physical value of the parents is not high, the physical value of the children may not be high.Some physical traits of parents are also passed on to their children.For example, parents have relatively large eyes, while children are about 80 percent likely to have large eyes.If the parents grow tall, the children have a 60-70% chance of growing tall, too.They have double eyelids, skin color and so on, which they inherit from their parents.The simplest example is black people.Most of Africa is black.It is said that black people, no matter what race they fit into, get married and have children, and their children are all black.That speaks volumes about how strong the black gene is.

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