Is there me in the depth of my dream?

Countless dreams always have you, although we do not know each other.Maybe you walk by me, maybe you are on the coffee table opposite, but we miss in a hurry, only in the middle of the night we will meet in the network, through the radio waves to tell each other, but also in the dream with you close.I always ask myself why I am obsessed with you.Always feel at ease with yourself.I do not have the answer, is looking forward to, no fun of life, no idea of eating and sleeping, until the sunset, the full moon tall building, hurriedly guarding the computer only to see you sent honey sweet words, so I look forward to, night and night, you will always appear.I miss you, I suffer for you, I dream of you every night, but I do not know whether I am in the depths of your dreams.I remember a story you once told me: once there was a woman, beautiful, romantic, full of expectations for life, but she lived in a time that was not suitable for her, she just graduated from school and went to a strange place with the assignment.Where all day white, cold clinking, a lot of boys are crying, but the woman did not cry, she packed her bags silently accepted all this.Women are very hard-working, no matter how hard the work she takes the lead to do.Such a beautiful, kind, hard-working woman gradually attracted the attention of countless boys.A woman will be followed by adoring eyes wherever she goes.Boys rush to help women, always give women the best treatment, women always smile, and this encourages the boys, they work even harder to make women smile…There is such a man, he is the boy, when he was the first day I saw a woman deeply in love with a woman, but he did not dare to say to the woman, can only silently for working women, only to secretly have a crush on a woman, see her lips slightly raise the sunny charm, then the man will be heart beat faster, lower the head cover has already been put to shame the red in the face.Men are silently guarding women, silently sharing troubles for women, and women have long been accustomed to the man’s guard.Until one day the woman told the man that she had given herself to another man, hoping for his blessing.The man shed tears and silently bought a red scarf for the woman to wear on the woman’s head on the day of her marriage.The man watched as the woman was carried into another man’s house. The man left the place and no one knew where he went…I thought the story was over, but you told me the story was far from over, it was a very long story: then eight years passed, and one day the man was seen to come back. During those eight years, the man had not changed much, he was still shy and honest.People went to see him, and so did the women.But the woman is no longer the original woman, should be beautiful face gaunt many, full body today looks thin many, the woman did not stay for a long time in a hurry to leave.People told the man that since the woman married, he did not get happiness, the husband is not good to him, drinking every day, drunk to the woman beat and kick, how many times the woman fainted in front of the house, neighbors looked distressed but there is no way.At this time, the man knew that when he heard the woman’s experience or will love dearly, the original eight years of healing is not good, he is still deeply in love with the woman……After knowing the woman’s experience, the man wants to see the woman again very much, but since that day the woman hurried to had never appeared again.One day a man was walking by the river and overheard someone crying. When he approached, he found that it was a woman who was crying. He gently pulled her over her shoulder and put her into his arms.The next morning people did not see the man appeared, and the woman’s husband also looked for the woman overnight, two people disappeared at the same time, and people know that the man took the woman…Ten years passed, and one day a neighbor saw a man in a city hospital, and the woman he was ministering to.The woman was born with cancer ten years ago. She did not want to be a burden to her family. Although her husband was not good to her, she still had two sons.That day the woman cries in the forest is seen by the man, the man asks the woman to go with him, he will take care of the woman until the woman’s life ends, and now is the woman’s life is about to end, the woman pulls the man’s hand clinking not to give up to say to the man that this life she owes him too much, if there is an afterlife she will do his woman.Women let men forget themselves, do not think of yourself in the middle of the night, the man nodded, the woman closed her eyes with a smile……What a sad story it is!But I was moved by a man’s affection.How many times have I asked myself if you are such a man?I am crazy for you and you are not also for my deep feeling, I do not want you to contribute to my life as a man, but at least in the depths of the dream, I can also let my crazy return, I do not want to regret life as a man also do not want to regret life as a woman……

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