Food safety on the tip of your tongue

Food safety has always been a social concern, because food safety is related to the lives and health of the masses.A food safety incident related to clenbuterol was exposed on the “March 15” party of the China Media Group in 2021.Qingxian county in Hebei province is an important sheep breeding base, with an annual output of about 700,000 sheep.Among them, the emerging town of Dai Zhuangzi village is one of the most concentrated local breeding areas.Reporters long-term undercover visits, through local farmers that local farmers in general in the column before a month to add clenbuterol.Livestock fed with clenbuterol can form residues in the body, which can pose a health threat to human consumption.In order to avoid detection during the sale process, locals will use a small number of “green sheep” without clenbuterol to get around the inspection.Finally, mutton flows to many places, including Wuxi, Tianjin, Henan and so on. Food safety is related to future generations, related to national security, so food safety must be checked from the source, should be like anti-corruption, severely hit!

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