China Ping will participate in the Japan T league, was beaten 11-0, fan: good not to be the coach of Sun Yingsha

On February 13, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau confirmed that Chen Qi, a Native of China and temporary head coach of Sun Yingsha, has resigned as national Team coach for personal reasons and has now returned to the Jiangsu Provincial Team.As is known to all, Sun Yingsha was always in a “free range” state after Huang Haicheng resigned from the National team in October 2021, and Chen Qi later acted as sun Yingsha’s interim coach.Chen Qi played as sun Yingsha coach in charge of this period, Sun Yingsha’s progress is obvious to all, successfully won the WTT World Cup singles championship.In addition, with Chen Qi’s help and the latest WTT World Table Tennis League Rankings, Sun Yingsha has successfully surpassed Chen Meng to become the youngest Ranked World No.1 female table tennis player in the history of the Chinese Team!After Chen Qi left the national team, Sun Yingsha became the focus of attention of China Ping fans again, and the pressure was transferred to liu Guoliang, the chairman of China Ping.You know, because sun Yingsha is in charge of coaching, Liu Guoliang’s personal social platform account has been “attacked” several times by China Table Tennis fans.It is worth knowing that After Chen Qi announced his departure from the national team, Hao Shuai, previously reported to be a possible head coach of Sun Yingsha, suffered a disastrous defeat in Japan’s T-League KM Tokyo against Okayama Fc.Hao Shuai of China Table Tennis suffered a heavy defeat in the match with Zhang Benzhihe of Japan men’s team, who even beat him 11-0 in the first set.Hao then made a timely adjustment and pulled back 11-9, but was beaten 11-4, 11-9 by Zhang benzhi.In the end, Zhang Benzhi and Big Score 3-1 to win the game, for KM Tokyo club won 1 point!Seeing the Country Ping player Hao Shuai lost to The Japanese player Zhang Benzhihe, many fans have said: it is good that Hao Shuai did not serve as the head coach of Sun Yingsha, otherwise, Sun Yingsha will certainly be delayed;Everyone wants to give Sun Yingsha coach, idle boring.But then again, hao Shuai even did not go to Japan to play T league, also did not have the ability to serve as sun Yingsha’s coach, and the country ping has the ability of the coach is many.In fact, the player ping hao shuai lost to Zhang Benzhi in the game, and also is normal, even in career peak, hao shuai hao shuai also does not have too many titles, in contrast, Zhang Benzhi and, not only is the youngest world table tennis world champion, and beaten in the race Malone, Liang Jingkun ping main force player.In addition, Hao Shuai lost to Zhang Benzhi and another important reason, now Hao Shuai has been 39 years old, physical strength, reaction ability and other aspects, certainly can not be compared with Zhang Benzhi and.Who do you think sun yingsha’s coach will be?For more highlights, check out gym class on Tuesday

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