Celebrate the Lantern Festival get welfare, don’t forget to send “tuan tuan yuan yuan” draw 99 red ancient tian huimin card!

The Lantern Festival 99 thou farmland huimin chines card a card in hand swim in longyan Celebrate the New Year, longyan global tourism marketing co., LTD., launched the “one card in hand travel longyan” online sweepstakes, New Year’s eve to people for seven days attracted nearly 20000 people participate in activities, congratulations 289 winning the lucky ones, like red thou farmland huimin card, realization of longyan city freedom to travel in one year,Enjoy free scenic spots, hot springs, rafting, movies…(See the poster at the end of the article for details)!Years to!F to!388 “Honggutian Huimin card” big broadcast, a card in hand, tour Longyan Lantern Festival is approaching, Longyan all-domain tourism marketing Co., Ltd. continues to provide “blessing” for the masses.1. Follow the wechat official account of “One-machine Tour longyan” below: 2.Click the keypad button on the left side of the public number sub-menu, enter the key word “tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan” in the dialog box, and then you can participate in the activity to draw 99 Red Ancient Tian Huimin cards after you get the lucky draw link!1. Online lottery is adopted in the activity, and the general public can participate in it. Each person has 5 lottery opportunities, and only 1 lottery is confirmed.2. The winning user must activate and authenticate the Honggutian Huimin card before February 28, 2022. The winner who fails to activate the authentication after the deadline will be deemed to have given up the award qualification automatically.3. Winners must upload screenshots when authenticating their real-name Honggutian Huimin card, otherwise there may be a risk of activation failure.At the same time, you can pay the price difference before the activation of the certification upgrade to family card, parent-child card, couple card and other cards, details can consult customer service.Customer service hotline: 0597-2970166;Customer service time: 08:30 — 12:00;15:00 — 18:30(daylight saving time) /14:30 — 18:00 (winter time) have honggutian Huimin card, open the travel, enjoy the beautiful scenery in the journey, enjoy the charm of Longyan in the circulation of the four seasons.Travel, make life better.Lock in time for the lucky draw and reward yourself with a wonderful trip at the beginning of the New Year!The 2022 Spring Festival performance in Longyan City Han Opera Learning Center foretold Spring Festival is full of spring, rape flowers are blooming, a good place to spring on the weekend!”Tiger” in fujian scenic spots and historic sites · welcome to contribute ·whly0597@126.com0597-3305315 share points collection

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