Many places in Jiangsu issued financial policies to support “specialization, specialization and innovation” to become stronger and better

China Development network, China Economic News reporter Yuan Xuefei reported recently, Jiangsu province, a number of places issued “specialized special new” financial support policies for enterprises, optimize financial instruments, enabling “specialized special new” enterprises to do better, and constantly improve innovation ability and core competitiveness.Nanjing has successively issued action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Specialized And Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Nanjing and Several Measures for Accelerating the Development of Specialized and Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, with a single maximum award of 8 million yuan to support the development of specialized and special new enterprises.And set up “specialized special new insurance” financing guarantee products, to provide credit enhancement services for enterprise financing.On the nanjing Financial Service platform, enterprises can enjoy the “zero-cost” private enterprise loan fund with an annual accumulative quota of 60 million yuan, and can apply for policy guarantee without premium for “Ningchuangdai” working capital loan without mortgage or pledge under 20 million yuan.Moreover, Nanjing will also establish the management method of the directory database of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises, and further strengthen the support for “specialized and special new” enterprises.For “specialized and special new” enterprises, Wuxi city proposes the hard indicators of “little giant” enterprises’ loan balance growth rate of no less than 15% annually, the number of households with loans continues to increase, and the amount of credit insurance insurance increases year by year.By the end of 2025, the loan balance of specialized and special “little giant” enterprises should exceed 50 billion yuan, and the credit coverage of unlisted enterprises should not be less than 80%.And promote the establishment of “specialized and special new loans” under the credit guarantee fund of local small, medium and micro enterprises;Qualified banks independently develop “little Giant loan”, “specialist special new loan”, “scientific and technological achievements transformation loan” and other exclusive credit products;The insurance agency provides credit insurance services for specialized new “little giant” enterprises.Changzhou city to the new identification of different levels of “specialized and special new” enterprises, respectively, to give a maximum of 2 million yuan, 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan reward.At the same time, for the patent pledge loans of “specialized and special new” enterprises above the municipal level less than 10 million yuan, 50% of the basic loan interest rate standard for the same period will be given discount interest, the maximum of the same enterprise 500,000 yuan.And increase the capital and loan to 1 billion yuan, for the eligible small and medium-sized enterprises to provide loan services, priority for municipal level and above to provide policy guarantee and loan services.There are nearly 300 state-level “specialized and special new” enterprises and nearly 1400 provincial “specialized and special new” enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Generally, the asset scale is small, the asset-liability ratio is high, and financing is difficult and expensive.In view of these pain points and difficulties, Jiangsu Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the action opinions of “Four guarantees and six upgrades” in 2021, and deployed the banking and insurance industry to carry out special actions to enhance the initiative of financial service technological innovation.A number of banking institutions in the province have launched exclusive products such as “specialized special new loan” and “jam neck special loan” to support the development of “specialized special new” enterprises with “real money and silver”.Data show that by the end of last year, the outstanding loan balance of science and technology enterprises in jiangsu province, the main banking institutions, was 665.7 billion yuan, an increase of 152.5 billion yuan compared with the beginning of the year, an increase of 29.71%, 14 percentage points more than the increase of all loans.

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