“I want to go to your world love you” rotten to the bone marrow!Makes people sit on pins and needles, just want to get away

If there was ever a movie that MADE me regret going to the cinema to see it live, it was too bad to pick its merits. Unfortunately, I Want to Go to Your World and Love You, which has been promoted for Valentine’s Day, is the best of the worst.No matter from the plot, actors, scenes of any point of view, are boring, even let people feel a certain degree of despair, just one and a half hours can let me from sleepy to sitting on pins and pins, obviously, is also rotten level, rotten characteristics.Of love and to be fair, I have no picky, tolerance is very high, most of the time as long as there are handsome men and beautiful women some dog food, industrial saccharin or not, I can see contentedly, and “in love” trilogy classic love movie is like watching repeatedly, so I think this is not because the subject problem so hate this movie.Recently, the success of “love myth” and good aroused countless resonance and expectations on domestic love movie, feel now touch “good story” the threshold of the “real romantic love”, thought that “the love you want to go to your world” immediately all hope back to the prototype, with pure dog blood and boring the audience’s intelligence quotient (IQ) on the ground rolling over and over again.The present situation of the domestic film love much-maligned already very for a time, in the past year or two time inner has bad film audiences for junk plot desensitization, but anyway, there is always some moments, including your wedding, I wait for you at the end of time, such as word of mouth is failed in the film are still acceptable range,Slightly improved can barely pass, but the film is completely invisible director take good wishes, it is only to get bad ending and forced the plot, no longer want to analyze the potential advantages (if any), in this review, I just want to use the most straightforward text tell didn’t go to the audience: “run!”Forced “science fiction”?Please first offer suitable logic “the love you want to go to your world,” a slightly sci-fi feeling design, even in exotic character originally construction engineer ezsafe, and high piano tuner, two people had no relationship, but in an accident, got a concussion after ezsafe fall, after recovery can feel the other side of the world in your mind,This perception includes hearing, touch and taste.In short, it feels like another person is living in the body. Besides being unable to meet each other, they can feel the life of the other person with their body and communicate with each other through brain waves.Even when one partner’s heart rate rises above 100, the metaphysical connection is so strong that it can control the other’s movements from the air, a bit like a puppet show.Although this set is very nonsense, do not have any foundation, just tawdry novels often use the bridge, in the film not only not persuasive, is a little something, also is at best a set of follow and imitate, to support the whole movie is very thin, but not totally unacceptable, after all the love of soft science set is common,Films such as The Time Traveler’s Wife and About Time also use time-travel without any theoretical foundation, which still does not prevent it from becoming an excellent love movie.The biggest problem with this “I want to go to your world and love you” lies in that even such a tacky and thin setting does not justify itself. How do they communicate?How does this perception work?To what extent does it work?The basic principles that should run through the film are not only incomprehensible, but also modified and inconsistent everywhere. They are just appropriated when the plot needs them, and all the irrationality is covered up with the vague excuse of “brainwave communication”, which is purely a tool.It is ridiculous that the movie has already written all kinds of life problems caused by jet lag, such as when the hero drinks coffee in the afternoon and the heroine can’t sleep at night, and when the hero takes a shower is the awkward time for the heroine to report her work, but it has never mentioned the solutions.The two seem to perfectly reconcile their physiology with the objective distance caused by the rotation of the earth after an awkward encounter, just because the plot no longer needs to show the mutual dilemma of the adjustment period to solve the dilemma automatically.Want to build hot patch CP?Power not please don’t YingCou most exaggerated, film two people miss each other in order to create misunderstanding, again making a sm, must be Shared neural contact is extremely serious, men don’t even have to adjust Angle, hit the ground cause head injuries, the so-called brain waves lifted the link, in addition to pain without any risk,There is no difficulty in achieving this, as long as you want to remove this easy and casual will this relationship caused by “extreme coincidence” to crack.As the cost is very small, it does not make people feel that what the hero does is a sacrifice or the difficulty of giving up, and also weakens the efforts of the two people in the previous narrative to maintain the connection, which makes people wonder “That’s it?”.The director’s ambition is also occasionally revealed, and he really wants to use some popular values or some scenes that he thinks the audience will like to put in the film to demonstrate his values. For example, in the last paragraph, the female boss inexplicably comes to borrow sanitary towels from Anyi, which has nothing to do with the previous one.It can also create a “you’re not falling in love with me” kind of obsessive, determined sisterly feeling that the audience will like the sisterly feeling, regardless of the continuity of the plot, the intention of warming up to the heat, the intention of making a bomb is obvious, only to make people feel embarrassed.As for the actors themselves, in addition to the slightly protruding appearance advantage, there is no evidence of any trained acting, any new generation of actors and actresses could play better.High in the face of his friend’s death, a time long enough on his face, should have sorrow, regret, life frustrated confusion and a series of complicated emotions, but nothing, only a single expression, face full of indifference, want to cry but refrain from 7 on twitching slightly wrinkles look like a sneeze without typing,It accidentally brought some comic relief, completely wasted the close-up, and instead fooled each other with a panoramic display.It has been seen many times to cover up the actor’s lack of acting ability to only show facial paralysis. The stiff posture from the beginning to the end is also in sharp contrast to the female protagonist’s exaggerated and wide-eyed expression in fear. It is hard to say which interpretation method is more acceptable.Among the design of the lens is very untidy, once appear a large number of dialog or simple page segmentation type scene to show both sides in different time and space, easy to like a music MV production level, special effects appear towards the end of filter will be perfunctory written on the screen, almost no tension performance with the yellow circle bubble filter,It’s a cutout from the studio’s wedding video.Maybe is not enough budget or editor’s ability is limited, but it can also use more park, straightforward way to show a story HE’s a complete love, forced to join the aura to an already rough film smooth add a few minutes of tacky artificial cheap, but also conform to the overall level of the film, as if to urge the audience to leave.”I Want to Go to Your World and Love You” undoubtedly created a new low for Domestic romantic films, which might have hypnotized all audiences in the cinema if not for the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day.I don’t know in love bad film director’s mind there is not a good story idea, or just want to “industrial saccharin with audience’s preference for quick money, but what is certain is that after you have seen more and more good film, in the love motif get more and more depth rather than just after the handsome boy beauty flirt, bad movies will be no room on word of mouth.

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