Good move by Russia!Invite China to develop south Kuril Islands?Japan was stunned

Russia recently sent an invitation to China and South Korea to invest in the development of the Southern Kuril Islands, which immediately caused Japan’s displeasure.You know Russia and Japan have a big dispute over the Southern Kuril Islands, so why is Russia proposing to develop the Southern Kuril Islands now?In fact, it is largely because it wants to promote the economic development of the region, so as to make more money and develop more resources to use.The Southern Kuril Islands are the Kuril Islands in the Pacific Northwest. The southern extension covers a total area of more than 5,000 square kilometers. The Japanese used to call them the Northern Islands.At the Yalta Conference in 1945, the United Kingdom and the United States promised the Soviet Union that after the war you would take south Sakhalin and all of the Thousand Islands and sign the Yalta Agreement.So after Japan’s unconditional surrender, the Soviet Union claimed this territory under the Yalta Treaty, which was mine, and in 1951 Japan signed the San Francisco Treaty with the United States, which gave up ownership and claims to the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin islands.However, in 1956, when the Soviet Union and Japan signed the Joint Declaration, the two countries could not reach an agreement on the sovereignty of the Southern Kuril Islands, so Japan did not want to give up its rightful sovereignty over the northern islands.So after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Kuril Islands were inherited by Russia from the Soviet Union, claiming de facto possession of the region, the Southern Kuril Islands, which are a treasure island.Now on the island has proven natural gas, oil and non-ferrous metals and commercial ore reserves are quite rich, it is in the library manager for near the volcano, and the only one to ore reserves in the world is still as high as 36 tons of rare metal elements, it has very important practical application, it can be used in the manufacture of turbine blades and the jet engine, high performance of a jet engine, rocket engines, etc.Especially in the military that’s very important.At the same time, the element is also an important catalyst in the chemical industry, it can be said that it is more precious than diamond, and the price is very high.There are also about 1,867 tons of gold and 9,284 tons of silver, 39.7 million tons of titanium, 270 million tons of iron gas and 1.6 billion tons of gas in the entire Kuril Islands, according to the survey.You see the South Kuril Islands is not only a good geographical location, but also rich in natural resources, so for Russia, he must pay special attention to the development of this area, of course, Japan also eyeing it, so in addition to the above advantages, the South Kuril Islands in tourism and breeding industry also has a very big development prospects.So the Russian invited along with South Korea and China to develop actively, the region is not strange, because Russia in the far east development must be on the agenda now, if you want to develop Russia’s far east economy, he must be from China and South Korea and so on prominent economies in east Asia to cooperate, so this is Russia should invite the China and South Korea,The move is also good for further economic growth in Russia.In fact is forced by the international situation, Russia for the development of the eastern region is more urgent, for a long time in the past, Russia has been the focus of the economy in the European region, but now many countries in the east Asian region’s economic development is to catch up with him, so I Russia also have to consider to develop the islands, continue to broaden the far eastern economic,After all, Russia is the largest country in the world. How could he not take advantage of it?According to the latest news from The Russian side, the Russian side also announced that it will systematically exempt some tax systems for organizations in the Southern Kuril Islands, and begin to encourage everyone to develop them.In addition to the economic dimension, the Southern Kuril Islands are also of strategic importance to Russia.The Southern Kuril Islands are now one of Russia’s few key passages of free access to the sea.Russia in the north and south, east and west four direction is known to all, it has the channel into the sea, so in the western Baltic haitong way, it is in Europe so this aisle because Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia’s independence, in particular, Russia will only from this port, so Russia all actions in and out of the Baltic sea,It will be from the under the monitoring of the countries along the coast, so the strategic significance of Baltic sea channel has big as before, so is the black sea in the south channel, Turkey, so that is a channel main control in Turkey, for Russia discrepancy was not very smooth, and coupled with the collapse of the Soviet union,The countries along the Black Sea became independent.So for Russia, the strategic importance of this passage is becoming much less, so there is more ocean in the north of Russia, but that is affected by the Arctic cold, and the sea in that area is frozen all the year round, making it impossible to sail.And even if you were navigable in warm weather and there was no sea ice, there would be only one way from the Russian Arctic to the Pacific, through the Bering Strait.That the other half of the bering strait is known to all that is in the United States, Alaska, and export the piece also across a st. Lawrence island in the United States, then to the south and the Aleutian Islands, you look at the channel have more or less affected by the United States, so in the end we say east, Russia, it is through the sea of Japan tsushima strait south channel,By Peter of the Kamchatka peninsula of Pavlov, sea, and from the islands of the Pacific Ocean, and so on, although said Peter Pavlov, port, directly to the Pacific Ocean is a butt joint, can be not affected by other countries, but it is in the southeast end of Russia’s far east, from Russia inland to the region, it is not how many railway,Roads are few and desolate, so traffic is the biggest problem restricting petropavlovsk’s free access to the sea.Then Kamchatka Peninsula, the geography of which is very complicated, is not very suitable for travel, so in the end, the Kuril Islands are a very good route, there are many channels in the Kuril Islands, they can come in and out of the Pacific region, and they are not restricted by geographical conditions.In terms of climate in this area is under the influence of the sea warm current, so the region has also become a year-round navigation of a natural harbor, but said that Russia is impossible to give the islands to Japan to develop, what’s more, your Japanese is too listen to the words, the Russia proposed to build a free trade area, once it set up free trade area with China and South Korea and other countries,It will promote the economic development of the region.In Russia has said many times before, and actually want to say it all together to develop the islands, it was interesting to Mr Putin can also take on Japan in the past, also invited Japan to invest in, but this time he put out in Japan, only invited the two countries to China and South Korea, this is certainly want to broken Japan’s mind,Now, the Southern Kuril Islands have always been under Russia’s control, but Russia, with its limited economic power and human resources in the Far East, could not develop the islands on its own.If you look at Russia it’s the largest country in the world, but it’s only 144 million people, and the Far East is even less populated, 7.2 million is the least densely populated economic region in the whole of Russia.In the Russian Far East, there are only 12 people per square kilometer. If we look at China, the population density near Heilongjiang province is 130 people, and the population density in some parts of Jilin province is 300 people per square kilometer, so it is almost impossible for Russia to complete the development of the island by itself.China and South Korea are close to Each other, have good economies, have good relations with Russia, and both have the investment capacity and technological strength, which will naturally become a good choice for Russia.And Russia can also through the way of inviting China and South Korea, Japan completely to his thinking has long known dead heart, so in the end China will accept the Russian invitation to invest in the construction, if Chinese companies like, I think the probability of cooperation between the two countries is very big, before China’s related businesses are invited by the Russian,The South Thousand Islands.In 2018, Chinese business delegations conducted inspections and negotiations on tourism and fishery development projects around the island.And we also found that the oil resources, mineral resources are very abundant, now it is China’s largest oil exporter, Russia and the two countries also have many cooperation on energy projects and so on small islands between China and Russia further, energy cooperation, economic cooperation, there is considerable potential, the key is what?We have offshore oil development technology and ability is very key, is also very important to Russia, coupled with the United States in recent years in the European region to Give Russia pressure, you see always in the Ukraine issue to Russia, I think in the future Russia will seek cooperation with China in more areas.

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