False police implement fraud real police answer the phone to expose the fraud

Hualong net – new Chongqing client on February 18 16 hour news (reporter Yin Jianhong correspondent Liu Lu lu) “police comrade, I seem to encounter cheater, trouble you help me screen.”A few days ago, yubei police helped Mr. Xu (pseudonym) see through a “impersonating public security law” telecom fraud, to avoid Mr. Xu suffered property losses.Police to the public Mr. Xu expose “impersonating public security law” fraud.Our YuBei police for the figure, China – the new chongqing on February 15, the client sends, hui in YuBei airport received a claim to be “chongqing municipal public security bureau” call, “police officer” on the other end of the line told Mr Xu, its bank card money laundering, ask Mr Xu transfer money in an account to “public security organs” investigation “security account”.The officer also warned Xu that he would face “severe sanctions” if he did not cooperate.Mr. Xu lives in the community there are many police anti-fraud propaganda tips, he usually in and out of the community to look at a few, Mr. Xu found that this “police officer” practice and anti-fraud propaganda cases consistent, which aroused his suspicion.Mr. Xu asked, “Officer, what’s your name?What’s the alarm number?”The other party seriously said his “police number” and “name”, and said he was the Yubei District public Security bureau shuangfeng police station to handle the case.Coincidentally, Mr. Xu just passed by the double Phoenix police station at this time, so immediately into the police station gate, told the police about the experience just now.”Officer, I received a phone call from a ‘public security organ’, asking me to transfer the money to them as soon as possible, or I would be arrested if I did not transfer. He also said that he was now at your police station.””This is a classic impersonation scam. Don’t believe it.You see our police station now where there are other units of the police?”At this point, the “officer Li” called again and urged Mr. Xu to transfer the money.Shuangfeng police station immediately took the phone, just say “I am Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Yubei District shuangfeng police station…”The pair hung up instantly.Police remind: posing as “public security law” fraud is the telecommunications network fraud “old routine”, the public security organs will never through telephone, wechat and other forms of illegal criminal behavior investigation and processing, there is no so-called “security account” and “verification account”, ask for personal bank account password, put forward remittance requirements.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)

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