Caring for “one old and one small”, Dongying does so

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Lv Zengxia “one old and one small” issue, as an important people’s livelihood work, related to the practical interests of the masses, related to the well-being of the people.Since last year, the Dongying Municipal Health Commission has always taken “one senior citizen and one junior citizen” as an important livelihood task, implemented policies, increased service supply, and enhanced the general public’s sense of gain and happiness.A total of 108 million yuan was granted to more than 122,000 elderly people to implement the policy of benefiting the elderly and deepen publicity and education on respecting the elderly.More than 108 million yuan of living allowances were provided to 122,000 non-retired rural and urban elderly people over 70, and 513,600 yuan of longevity subsidies were allocated to centenarians at provincial and municipal levels.We took the lead in implementing 6 preferential policies for the elderly optimized by the provincial government through the implementation of electronic honor cards, simplified preferential vouchers, and financial fund awards and subsidies.Publicity activities such as “Respecting the elderly Month”, “Elderly Day” and “Elderly health Publicity Week” have been carried out to create a strong social atmosphere of respecting and helping the elderly.In 2021, three communities were named as national model age-friendly communities by the National Health Commission and the National Office on Aging, and seven elderly people were selected as “the second Shandong Healthy Elderly”.We will vigorously promote health services for the elderly.Of the nine secondary and above general hospitals, eight have geriatrics departments (geriatrics), and all four secondary and above government-run traditional Chinese medicine hospitals have rehabilitation and treatment departments.More than 70 percent of the elderly over 65 years of age signed up for family doctors and standardized health management services.Comprehensively implement “Internet + nursing service” to solve the problem of home care for the elderly;Six TCM hospitals run by the government, the Municipal People’s Hospital and the Central Hospital of Shengli Oilfield have all launched the service of “home delivery of decocted TCM on behalf of the doctor”.Pilot hospice care in 8 medical institutions;Medical institutions at all levels have optimized the medical treatment process of the elderly by setting up “no health code channel”, “elderly treatment service”, “one-stop service center”, “wisdom for the elderly” and other measures. 17 medical institutions have been named as the first geriatric friendly medical institutions in Dongying city.Among the 49 nursing institutions in the city, 10 are medical institutions, 9 have infirmary, and 9 are embedded. The remaining 21 have signed cooperation contracts with nearby medical and health institutions, effectively improving the service quality for the elderly.There are 158 institutions engaged in infant care services under the age of 3 in The city to create a good policy atmosphere for infant care.All levels and departments of Dongying attach great importance to the development of infant care services under the age of 3 as an important work at present.In September 2020, the Municipal Government office issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Infant Care Services for Children under 3 years old” (East Political Office Of The People’s Republic of China (2020) No. 13), which planned the overall goals and main tasks of infant care development for the current period.Infant care services will be included in dongying’s 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development and outline of vision goal 2035 (Dongying Political Office Fa (2021) No. 6). By 2025, the number of infant care services per 1,000 people will reach 5, creating a good policy atmosphere for the development of infant care services.Actively do a good job in the record work of childcare institutions, timely organize the city’s children under the age of 3 care service training class, the development of children under the age of 3 care services and work requirements, the record information platform of childcare institutions and other focus on explanation and training.Actively guide foster care institutions to put on record in accordance with the national standards for the Establishment of Foster care Institutions (trial), The Management Standards for Foster care Institutions (trial), and the Measures for the Registration and Filing of Foster care Institutions (trial), and other normative documents to promote the standardized implementation of the record-keeping work of foster care institutions.At present, in the national “foster institutions put on record information system” put on record in 27 institutions.We will actively promote the standardization of care services.Relevant measures have been formulated to standardize health evaluation, institution building, personnel training and project reserve.Eleven pediatric experts were selected to set up an expert guidance group for infant care services to guide the professional and standardized construction of infant care services.In 2021, dongying Secondary Professional School and other four schools will recruit 632 students for the major of early childhood care.Daily supervision has been strengthened, and safety inspections of child-care institutions have been organized, by means of comprehensive self-inspections at county and district levels and random inspections at municipal levels, to ensure the safety of child-care institutions and provide a safe environment for care work.At present, there are 158 institutions engaged in the care services for infants under the age of 3 in the city, which can provide 5919 care places, 1,155 more than at the beginning of the year, promoting the healthy development of care services for infants under the age of 3.

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