A young man spent 80,000 yuan on a 2004 BMW 760 with an old V12 engine

The current gasoline price continues to rise, the cost of running gasoline cars is getting higher and higher, those who drive large displacement cars have a deep experience, the average tank of gas is much more expensive than before, especially those who drive old luxury cars, the cost of the car was high, now more difficult;There are many such cases. Yesterday, a guy in Hebei showed his car, a 2004 BMW 760Li high-end business sedan, which he bought for 80,000 yuan from the second-hand car market. Now it has become a classic car.This BMW 760Li was licensed in August 2004 and spent more than 1.8 million yuan on landing that year. It is positioned as a large business car with good visual effect, a sense of strength, a positive board and an excellent sense of business. Its length, width and height are 5.169 meters, 1.902 meters and 1.492 meters respectively.But it is not as long as the current BMW 7 series, which shows that luxury cars have been lengthened in the last decade, more in line with the aesthetic of Chinese people.After the guy bought the car, he applied film to the car. After the car was finished, the whole car took on a new look, with the same air field as before, and its power performance was also the same as before, because it carried a V12 engine with a 6.0-L displacement and a maximum of 445 horsepower, matched with a 6AT gearbox. BMW put the best engine technology on the 760Li in those days.In order to increase their influence.At present, the car has only run 50,000km. When we first heard this number, we couldn’t believe it. Later, we checked the engine, gearbox and maintenance records, and finally confirmed that it was an old BMW 760Li with good appearance and normal peak development.The owner of the car said: “I like this 760Li very much, the handling is very good, the start is fast and fierce, the feeling of pushing back is very strong, but the fuel consumption is also large, now the average of 1.3 yuan per kilometer, people love and hate.”The BMW 760Li is also rear drive, but the adjustment of the movement, the front suspension for light double ball spring damping pillar front axle, after the suspension of multi-link type overall rear axle, the car uses a lot of leather material wrapped, delicate touch, comfort is not lost the current new car, but is high fuel consumption.The price of gasoline is “skyrocketing” now, the price of no.95 car is higher, and this 760Li needs at least no.95 gas, so it is not surprising that it is over 1.30 yuan per kilometer.

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