Limited “ice Canton” explosive red brush screen!Traditional Chinese medicine propaganda: not good

Recently, the top of a “coffee” a name of new varieties, guangdong limited cantonese “ice” refresh network, is actually within the ice with herbal tea, and even users directly to the summer SangJu, radix isatidis, five flower tea infusion of particles into the stir in ice water to drink, “imagination” greater will also serve coffee, juice or even all sorts of small material.However, does this drink really “dispel dampness” and “preserve health”?Herbal tea is not “tea”, Chinese herbal soup is also living in lingnan area, people have the habit of drinking herbal tea in summer and autumn, this is because lingnan is historically a miasma, belongs to the typical subtropical climate.Summer heat, rain moisture, water quality should be hot and dry, and the summer high temperature for a long time, easy to gastrointestinal disorder, plus if work to stay up late, mind you, spicy, taste food, hard to avoid can appear in different degrees were mentioned, your breath sores, sore throats, the symptom such as poor appetite, combined with the traditional medicine thinks, the appropriate drinking herbal tea, indeed can clear heat has soared, clearing damp detoxification,Thus, a variety of herbal tea culture was naturally formed.It is true that people drink herbal tea because of its efficacy, but if we go back to the essence of herbal tea, is it really tea?Zheng Yanhua, deputy director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Panyu Hospital, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, made it clear that herbal tea is not tea in the real sense, but a medicinal soup made out of Chinese herbal medicine.The effect of herbal tea is that it is basically made of sweet and cold or bitter Chinese herbs, so it has the functions of clearing heat, dehumidifying, generating fluid and reducing fire.Drink herbal tea has exquisite, well, smart Zheng Yanhua thinks, the social networking platform refresh of all kinds of homemade diablo herbal tea, such as ice, or add too much sugar, honey, or other drink or drugs, the use of improper will not only injury tianjin gas consumption, hindered the spleen Yang, cause abdominal distension diarrhoea, appetite drops, lack of spirit, such as discomfort, may also produce side effects,Therefore, Chinese medicine does not recommend long-term, large, continuous drinking.Drink herbal tea, pay attention to the season, constitution, medicinal materials and drinking temperature, all are indispensable.First, know when and how often to drink herbal tea.Drink herbal tea in summer and autumn, twice a week or so, each time should not drink more, do not drink on an empty stomach, do not drink before going to bed.Secondly, not everyone is suitable for drinking herbal tea depending on their physical condition.For example, children, pregnant women, menstruating women, vulnerable to diarrhea, serious illness and other weak people, are not suitable to drink herbal tea.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, if you do not identify the constitution of drinking, not only is not good for health, and even will damage the body’s Yang qi, the body will become weaker and weaker, major and minor diseases.Thirdly, you can choose herbal tea according to the symptoms and doctor’s advice. Generally speaking, if there is sore throat, sore throat, hoarseness and obvious symptoms of heat, you can choose herbal tea of dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other herbs.For those who sweat a lot and suffer from heatstroke, they can try thatch root water, horseshoe water, mung bean soup and winter melon soup.If indigestion, stomach distention, no appetite of the crowd, you can consider drinking wuhua tea, gan and tea.Finally, the “ice” of bingguang style had better be removed, because too cold will damage the spleen and stomach.The effect of cooling herbal tea is better, and it is more conducive to eliminating fire, clearing heat, detoxification, invigorating the spleen and dampness.The doctor recommends the following “beautiful herbal tea” to help you remove dampness and keep in good health in summer: (1) Clearing heat and eliminating delay Ingredients of Tangerine peel tea: tangerine peel 10 grams, hawthorn 10 grams, Bergamot 10 grams.Method: boil and soak water can be, boil for 5 minutes, the best soaking water.Wash tangerine peel, hawthorn, buddhist hand, tear into small pieces, put in the cup, with boiling water, cover the lid for 10 minutes, can drink.It can invigorate the stomach and eliminate stagnation. It is especially suitable for people with poor appetite in summer.② Ginseng dendrobium tea material: American ginseng tablet 10 grams, Dendrobium 10 grams, schisandra 3-5 grams.Methods: The above medicinal materials were brewed with boiled water, covered and stewed for 10 minutes.Beneficial qi shengjin, nourishing Yin and antiperspirant effect, suitable for dry mouth, shortness of breath, fatigue, sweating crowd.Ingredients: 10 grams of perrin, 10 grams of pogostemon and 5 grams of tea.Method: brew with boiling water, cover and stew for about 5 minutes.Then pour into a glass to cool and drink warm.It can dispel dampness and relieve the table, especially suitable for the people who are dizzy and weak in the mouth.(4) Bamboo shavings lugen tea materials: bamboo shavings, reed root 20 grams each, ginger 2-3 pieces.Methods: The herbs were cut up and soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes or decocted for 5 minutes.Can clear the fire and reduce the reverse.Suitable for halitosis, bitter mouth, thirst, or with retching, hiccup crowd.Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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