In 2019, the shanxi guy found that he owed 999 billion yuan to the bank when he checked the balance of his bank card. Why?

In our daily life, we must have a lot of contact with banks.Most people deposit their money in the bank, because the bank not only offers interest, but also is very safe.It is said that the happiest thing in the world must be the balance of your bank card.Today’s story is about the balance of your bank card.The hero of this story is not a billionaire, but an ordinary man who owes a huge sum of money due to a misunderstanding.Although the bank card has been in his hand, but he did not know that he owed a large amount of money in the bank, the bank did not call to inform.Why is that?The story begins with his friend.The protagonist of the story is a straightforward young man from Shanxi.The young man surnamed Yang is a down-to-earth young man full of expectations for life.In 2019, Xiao Yang came to Shenzhen from Shanxi Province to work.This is the first time xiao Yang has left his hometown to work in another place.After coming to Shenzhen, he was deeply attracted by the prosperous scene of Shenzhen, he decided to rely on his own hard hands to live and settle down here.Because of xiao Yang’s practical ability, he soon found a job.At work, Xiao Yang is meticulous and serious, and often works overtime in order to earn more money and have a better life.Xiao Yang made many good friends in Shenzhen. One of his colleagues had the same experience as Xiao Yang. Both of them came to work in the city from the countryside.After a few exchanges, Xiao Yang felt very heart-to-heart with each other, so the two people often drink privately about heart-to-heart talk.The colleague introduced his girlfriend to Xiao Yang.Sometimes, he invited Xiao Yang to his home for dinner.Xiao Yang is a very sincere and righteous man. When he heard that his colleagues asked for help, he did not hesitate to lend a helping hand.That day, the colleague borrow a bank card that does not need to him, Xiao Yang did not think much, after all, it is a bank card that does not need, what’s more, the card has no money again, borrow can how?The next day, Xiao Yang handed over that piece of bank card to colleagues.Half a month later, there was no problem with the bank card, so Xiao Yang put his guard down and did not check the bank card.Before long, Xiao Yang found that he hadn’t seen his colleagues at work for a long time.Asked to know that the original colleague resigned.Xiao Yang thought of his bank card, still in the hands of colleagues, they call, want to colleagues back to the bank card, but the phone always through.Xiao Yang had no other contact information from his colleagues, so he had to give up.Cannot find colleague, Xiao Yang thinks to go to the bank to do bank card afresh.But it is the end of the year, due to busy work, Xiao Yang did not go for a long time.There was no deposit in that bank card, and Xiao Yang did not use it often, so he completely forgot about it.Three, the discovery of debt in Shenzhen worked for two months xiao Yang, very tired.He looked at the tall buildings all over the street and thought of going home.Metropolis prosperous, not ordinary people can have, or back home to work to make money.Xiao Yang opened her mobile phone to check the balance of each bank card to see how much she had saved.When he opened his usual SocGen bank card, he noticed the mistake.This card, not only did not have the money just deposited, but also showed that he owed money to the bank.”Ten million…”, Xiao Yang puzzled to count the amount on the bank card, found that he owed the bank 99.9 billion.How is that possible?Xiao Yang immediately panic, when did he borrow money from the bank?When did you borrow it?Xiao Yang thought and thought, but could not figure it out.He frantically searched his bag for the bank card and found it intact and in his wallet the whole time.Xiao Yang carefully recalled that he had never lent this bank card to anyone.In Shenzhen, no friends or relatives know the password of this bank card.Is there a system error?Xiao Yang called the bank early the next morning to ask.After contacting with bank staff, Xiao Yang took id card and bank card to industrial bank business hall.After the inquiry of the staff, it was found that this bank card had been frozen since it was opened.So the bank card amount is abnormal.How can it freeze?Xiao Yang was puzzled.The manager of industrial bank hears this message, come forward to arrange clerk to deal with personally.After a detailed investigation by the staff, the card had a balance of 7,700 yuan.This amount is xiao Yang’s salary for two months.The reason the card doesn’t show the amount is because it could be frozen for money laundering.Money laundering?Xiao Yang was very shocked, how could they do such illegal things?He constantly questioned the staff, who patiently investigated.Original culprit is not the bank card of this piece of industrial bank, however a piece of agricultural bank card.The system showed that the agricultural Bank of China card was suspected of money laundering, so all the bank cards belonging to the owner of the household were frozen.Agricultural bank card Xiao Yang thought hard, and finally found that a agricultural bank card, it is he lent colleagues a while ago that bank card.Original colleague borrows bank card to him, it is used to defraud crime.Xiao Yang was deceived, but now can not contact colleagues, Xiao Yang can only call the police.After reporting to the police, Xiao Yang re-registered his bank card.After repeated identity checks and police certificates, Xiao Yang finally reissued his bank card.After the card of agricultural bank is solved, nature of the card of industrial bank also restores normal.Xiao Yang is an honest worker originally, because trust colleague too much, lend his bank card to colleague, colleague uses this bank card to stem illegal crime matter however.The behavior of colleagues froze Xiao Yang’s bank card, which had a great impact on Xiao Yang’s life.This phenomenon is not uncommon in life, we should be vigilant.Five, sum up to remember, we must never lend the bank card to others at will, even if that bank card you do not use, also do not have any deposit.Because you don’t know what someone else is going to do with that card.After committing the fraud, Xiao Yang’s colleagues deposited the money into the bank card and then withdrew the money from the bank card through money laundering and other means.It also made it difficult for police to catch the suspect because he did not use his own bank card.Lending your bank card to someone else, if they use it to commit an illegal crime, not only does it freeze all of our bank cards, but we risk being put on the trust-breaking list.If you’re on a list like this without knowing it, it can have a major impact on your travel.Being on the trust-breaking list means you can’t get a bank loan or, in serious cases, even take public transport.In order to reduce trouble, we still look at their bank cards, and then familiar people do not lend.

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