Attract investment thick accumulation

Ask canal which get so clear, for the source of living water.Attracting investment is the only way to local economic development, but also the “source of flowing water”.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), zhuhai has seen a steady flow of “fresh water”, with the total amount of out-of-city funds actually in place exceeding 260 billion YUAN and us $1.936 billion of foreign investment actually utilized, respectively 1.4 times and 1.5 times higher than that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015).This is our city unswervingly promote investment “project 1” to hand over the report card.Last year, we made extraordinary efforts and took extraordinary measures to promote investment attraction and achieved remarkable results.This year’s Spring Festival just passed, the city investment promotion Center held the “project Year” investment promotion pledge meeting, once again sounded the call of assembly.Investment promotion without outsiders, good investment promotion initiative battle, everyone is a fighter;Focus on the nine industrial chains, focus on the industrial chain investment, to achieve new breakthroughs in investment;We will strengthen institutions and mechanisms, improve the business environment, and attract business with our hearts and minds.With a “can not sit still, can not wait” attitude to fight, attract the combatants are firmly grasp the historical initiative, unified thinking, change ideas, work hard.From September to December last year, the city opened a 100-day battle to attract investment, focusing on the landing, signing, docking battle, sounding the “one hundred days, spurt red year round” decisive battle call.For a time, attract the combatants foot on fenghuo wheel, soldiers divided many, courageously forward.September 2, contacted the delegation of well-known enterprises in the Greater Bay Area who came to Zhuhai for investment inspection;In the same month, a team went to Shenzhen to attend the “13th China Opto-Electronics Investment Conference 2021 & Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Emerging Industry Development Conference” and organized closed-door discussions among enterprises.The fourth world conference on oil in October (map), using the fourth world conference on oil home-court advantage, promote center city for various counties (districts), functional areas and promote the center carefully set up more than ten branch of China merchants group, by setting up investment consultation platform, organizing specialized fields, carry out one-to-one approach, separate block.From the intention to negotiate to sign the landing, the whole process of investment attraction, in fact, is a protracted war.In the face of the complex and changeable economic environment, the city launched the first shot of the “Investment promotion campaign” in 2017, thus establishing the “Project No. 1”.Consensus is easy to get, but hard to attract.Relevant expert once pointed out, attract investment difficulty is big now, even if low-cost competition type, “cut arm cut leg” “self-mutilating type” ground reduces price, ask somebody else to come, beg somebody else to come, attract the effect is not necessarily good.If conditions exist, we must advance; if there are no conditions, we must advance if we create them.Attracting investment is “a road to Mount Huashan since ancient times”.Split up the attack, good to attract the initiative.In many special exhibitions and professional activities, there is usually no time and opportunity to talk deeply with important guests and merchants.Faced with difficulties, the investment promotion team took advantage of the 5-10 minutes between the meeting to hand over their business cards, laying a foundation for further communication in the later period.Pass forward, increase the acuity of attract.The city has set up investment promotion agencies stationed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, constantly transferring young and competent cadres to the front line, and also employing a group of consultants and information staff from Germany, the United States, Singapore and Shanghai with rich investment promotion resources to strengthen investment promotion and investment promotion.Professional investment, the formation of the community.From 2020, the city will establish cooperative relations with petrochemical association and other industry associations, give full play to the role of professional organizations in investment cooperation and matchmaking, and carry out investment promotion by market means.Last year, a talent enclave was set up in Shenzhen to promote investment promotion in a more dynamic way.Upstream, spare no effort, bow to practice, everyone is a fighter, everyone is a stormer, the most powerful sound to attract investment from this play.In the process of continuous promotion of investment attraction, it is necessary to change the ideas that are not applicable in the past.In January this year, “Daishan County focus on petrochemical development of new kinetic energy, develop petrochemical industry precision investment” was selected into zhejiang innovation investment way 20 excellent cases.Since the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the petrochemical industry in Zhuhai has developed rapidly and steadily, and key enterprises have reported frequent successes.How to give full play to the leading project driving effect to further expand the petrochemical industry chain has become the top priority of investment attraction in the petrochemical industry.Therefore, Daishan county gives full play to the industrial advantage of refining and chemical integration project, grabs the opportunity to transfer the petrochemical industry in Yangtze River Delta, and takes the investment of petrochemical industry chain as the breakthrough and focal point of promoting the development of high quality local economy, and vigorously develops the precise investment of petrochemical industry chain.At present, the county petrochemical industry has begun to take shape.Investment attraction of maritime service industry is also not conformist, and is moving forward steadily towards precise investment attraction linkage across the whole industrial chain.In the specially drawn “China (Zhoushan) International Maritime Service Base Investment Factors Map”, the investment objects are divided into three levels: basic service layer, auxiliary service layer and derivative service layer.On this basis, 20 subdivision industries, such as international ship management, maritime inspection, foreign ship supply and ship classification, are defined as key breakthrough directions by comparing each subdivision industry one by one. The map of investment attraction is further clear.Compared with extensive investment, since 2018, the city has formally proposed the precise investment target around the industrial chain.At present, it focuses on nine industrial chains, including green petrochemical, energy trade and consumption settlement, maritime services, modern Marine fisheries, and clean energy and equipment, and focuses on attracting “chain-oriented” enterprises and key projects.At the same time, we will further deepen precise investment promotion, strengthen the connection between the world’s top 500 enterprises, leading enterprises in the industry, large enterprises directly under the Central Government and China’s top 500 enterprises, promote the formation of joint forces across the country, connect a number of benchmark enterprises around the new expansion of key industries, and form a number of “chain leading” project clues.A new situation of attracting investment has begun to take shape.Relevant experts believe that an industrial chain system with large market size and supporting upstream and downstream often has strong industrial agglomeration capacity, thus realizing optimal allocation of resources and reducing operating costs, and will become a trump card to attract world-class giants.Last year, the “weekly regular meeting” system was established. The city leaders sat in the town, carried out on-site research and judgment on major investment projects, supervised the handling of major matters personally, and implemented work tasks according to the list.Improve the mechanism of project special class, establish “one project, one leader, one battle map, one team” project special class, overall planning, guidance, coordination project promotion of various matters;We should focus on the three links of planning, attracting and landing, strengthen the transmission of pressure, constantly optimize the evaluation mechanism, and implement “one vote is not good” for attracting investment…Precious little time for spring pragmatic dry, do not wait to whip since courageously hoof.Under the reform of the system and mechanism, the spirit of “five skins”, with stiff scalp, thick skin, worn mouth skin, hungry belly and foot skin, is inspiring, because “Project No. 1” must be long for success.The heart with affection force to stay business, is “No. 1 project” for a long time for another point of strength.Relevant experts point out that investment attraction is neither condescending gift, nor kowtowing and begging, but equal strategic partnership, among them, to help investment object to solve the problem is the most easy to leverage a fulcrum.Zhuoran (Zhejiang) Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. has invested and built a high-end petrochemical circular economy industrial park in Daishan. This project falls to the ground quickly, taking 10 months from intention negotiation, contract signing to land acquisition.In fact, daishan port area open coastline and convenient collection and distribution, will give zhuoran company with the goal of “world zhuoran” to provide an excellent “access to the sea”.On September 15 last year, China Railway Baoqiao Group Co., Ltd. obtained the right to use the industrial land of a shipping enterprise in our city through auction. In the future, it will be planned to build a modern factory integrating green, information and automation.The project has achieved the goal of attracting major projects to “land in the same year, start work in the same year and produce in the same year”.More than the heart, but also with the feeling of force.Its essence is service.In recent years, our city merchants actively copy and promote the registration of enterprises “one-stop” service, the whole process of business registration related matters.It has created a “one-stop” window for enterprises to accept their appeals, and solved all kinds of difficulties encountered in policy consultation, company site selection, registration and approval, certificate handling, registration and filing, house and rent, and talent recruitment, providing nanny-like services for the promotion of key projects.Brave to rise to the top of the wave, hard work to open a new chapter.In 2022, “Year of Project”, investment promotion will be pursued once again.Because, only “the source of flowing water”, can “canal so clear”, can be thickly accumulated.Reporter: Liu Hao editor: Xi Xi

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