On the first day of the new semester, the Public security bureau of Qujiang City has opened the “nursing mode”.

On February 16, the students ushered in the first day of the new semester, 155 primary schools and kindergartens in the district began to lively up, Shu shu and the students together “go to school”, to open the “nursing mode”.Bring peace into the campus police station with actual area schools, strict implementation of the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools “nursing AnYuan” mechanism, the students go to school, school key slot and key sections, such as fixed-point persuation and patrol controls, in accordance with the “personal, create positions, proportional amount, timing,” the principle of scientific arrangement of police, to students “stand out” safety, for parents to “stop”.Before the semester begins, in order to ensure the internal security of the campus, the police stations of each jurisdiction organize inspections of the campus fire fighting equipment, protective equipment, monitoring equipment and other facilities, as well as the implementation of security measures such as the school guard system, to eliminate the blind spots in campus security management and escort the smooth opening of the school.In order to improve the awareness of the epidemic prevention and control of teachers and students, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, the first day of the school “as promised” to the post, repeatedly told the school to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, remind students to keep distance, reduce gathering or traveling together, firmly guard the first gate of the epidemic prevention and control of the campus.Whether it is the first day of school or every day of school, the shu shu of qujiang Public security are beside you to guard

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