“Gale warning information update” On February 6, Xiamen Meteorological Observatory issued a gale yellow warning of “level iii/heavy”

Xiamen Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue yellow warning signal for strong wind at 2100 on February 06, 2022: affected by cold air, the next 12 hours siming district, Huli District, Jimei district, Haicang district and the sea is still large, it is expected that xiamen inland sea and the bridge, high altitude mountain northeast wind up to 5 ~ 6, gusts 7 ~ 8;From Chongwu to Dongshan coast, the maximum wind force is 6 ~ 7 and gust force is 8 ~ 9.Southern Taiwan Strait with maximum force 7-8 gusts of Force 9.Please take precautions.Tong ‘an district, Xiang ‘an district, please pay attention to the territorial warning signal issued.On February 4, Xiamen Meteorological Observatory issued a strong wind yellow warning of level ⅲ / heavy

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