Folk tale: Light shines again

During the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, there lived a middle-aged couple in henan province. The husband was Named Li Sihai.His wife, xu Sanniang, was sick in bed and weak.Husband and wife are childless and childless. Three years ago, the wife nearly died in childbirth, and since then the body has not worked, and the root of the disease has fallen.Li Sihai is honest and faithful, treat wife never abandon, never abandon her, still take care of her in every possible way instead, the feeling of 2 people of husband and wife is good all the time.Li Sihai has no other hobbies, usually like to drink two cups, although three niang some dislike, fortunately, her husband never make trouble after drinking, so also let it go.After the year, Xu Sanniang’s condition aggravated, suffering from pain every day, pain, Li Sihai kept his wife by his side, the mood is very low, for fear that his wife can not stand.In the evening, sanniang, who had not slept for three days and three nights, finally fell asleep.Li Sihai finally is a sigh of relief, looking at the lights outside, the New Year is still warm, every family is happy, noisy, and then look at their own home, the wife dying, very sad, a burst of bitterness poured into the heart.So he took a pot of soju from the kitchen and drank it with pickles, praying secretly for his wife…Say again this Xu Saniang, sleep to the middle of the night woke up suddenly, wake up after only feeling energetic, refreshed, the disease on the body as if suddenly did not have, originally several days did not eat she actually felt thirsty and hungry, end get up side of the bowl “goo-dong Goo-dong” drink a big bowl of water.At the moment, do not see the sign of her husband Li Sihai, three niang hungry, go to the kitchen to find food, just walked into the kitchen but found her husband drunk over there, unconscious.Sanniang some distressed, hurried forward to help, this touch only to find her husband was cold, his face looks very bad, she took the effort to put her husband back to bed.Just then, the husband unexpectedly leisurely woke up, woke up and said: “Are you all right?Just now I saw two men coming to seize you. I tried to stop them, and I fought with them, and I finally got you back from them!”Three niang saw her husband full of alcohol, thought he was drunk, said: “sleep, no one to catch me, you drink too much, that is your illusion!”Li Sihai see she don’t believe, so from the arms of a touch, even touch out of a kitchen knife, drunk to say: “don’t believe, I take this knife will drive them away!”Sanniang snatched the knife from his hand and said with a slight anger, “Don’t drink so much in the future!”Li Sihai smiled at his wife, took her hand and gradually fell asleep in the past, sanniang did not find anything abnormal.The next morning, sanniang finished breakfast and went into the house to call her husband to get up, but she did not move for a long time. She felt something was wrong. On taking a look, she found her husband was silent.Three niang sat down on the ground began to cry, and soon attracted the neighbors, we learned that after the news are overwhelmed with regret, Li Sihai is strong and strong, how can there be no sign so go?There was an old man asked sanniang if there was anything unusual before she died.SAN Niang thought about it and described her husband’s “drunken words” last night, and said that she was suddenly ill again.After hearing this, the old man meditated for a while, shook his head and said, “The man your husband saw last night should be the ghost of the devil!”Everyone was surprised to hear this, and Sanniang felt even more incredible.Old man continue to three niang said, “last night, the two demons difference should be to you, I don’t know how to be your husband ran into, in order to save you, he clashed with poor ghost, infuriated them, so poor ghost will go off in his soul, to let you off the hook, when he was talking to you last night really soul is gone, it is his to shine……”Hearing this, sanniang tears suddenly flow down, this just understand why their body will inexplicably disappear, the original is her husband instead of her to go to the Yellow River, she will be her husband after the burial for three years of filial piety, life did not remarry…

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