China by the Sea

A place where you have loved ones call it home where you have your old folks how nice the family was in those days in your childhood memories your parents are gone and gone to heaven and all of a sudden you grow up and your parents are gone and you realize,Hometown like precious for a lifetime of things. You left the home on the road to left their wandering life you tour the Yellow River Yangtze river bridge you swim the Tibet, xinjiang tianshan did you swim in henan, hebei province, shandong you swim north guangzhou shenzhen you swimming for hainan island YunGuiChuan you swim the river mountains and the sea is also home to the hometown feel cordial three home has become a memory only qingming rain in succession to you don’t have any relativesHastily occasionally offer a person’s life can go how far is the way what is the meaning of a person’s reduced street traveler overlooking picturesque days had passed with you cherish the love of your life in a hurry moment see four to write every day to read in the cold mountain at imperceptibly aging life is too short to not cooked well,Like a scholar in this life to learn what money, suffer, die, do not walk to indomitable to live…

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