Cac: Employment of Internet enterprises has remained stable in the past six months

The number of employees employed by Internet companies has remained stable in the past half a year, according to the official wechat account of China.For a number of large Internet enterprises to large-scale layoffs rumors, CNCN interviewed Tencent, Alibaba, Meituan, JINGdong and other 12 Internet enterprises about their employment and business development.Companies have expressed that the Internet industry generally has a rapid staff flow, the current number of employees and business development is generally stable, full of confidence in the future development.According to statistics, from July 2021 to mid-March 2022, Tencent, Alibaba, Zijiedance, Meituan, Pinduoduo, Kuaishou, Baidu,, NetEase, Weibo, Bilibili and Ant Group employed a total of 216,800 employees, 295,900 employees and a net increase of 79,100.Eleven of them hired more than they left.Tencent said it had 112,800 employees at the end of 2021, up 31.3 percent year on year.This year, will continue to introduce core science and technology personnel and outstanding graduates, is expected to increase the total number of employees.Meituan reported a 56% year-on-year increase in operating revenue in 2021.With the expansion of business, the personnel of the company’s business lines and functional lines, such as shop to shop, home, online car booking and cycling, have increased to a certain extent.Since July last year, the company has added a net 17,000 employees, and will continue to promote the recruitment plan for fresh graduates this year.While expanding and strengthening their main businesses, many enterprises have adjusted and optimized some of their businesses. The number of employees has decreased and increased, but the total number of employees has remained stable and increased.Recently, Weibo company has optimized the staff reduction of the loss-making business, while expanding the scale of content-related staff and maintaining the stability of staff in other sectors. It is expected that the total number of staff this year will increase on the basis of last year.Baidu Group has adjusted the organizational strategy of some businesses, focusing on increasing the investment in intelligent cloud, chip and autonomous driving personnel and technology. In 2021, it will invest 22.1 billion yuan in r&d in related fields.Baidu group said it has achieved significant advantages in key technology areas such as autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, machine translation, and flying-paddle deep learning framework, and the number of employees is generally stable.Source: China News network, wechat China official account

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