The masses report someone to sell tiger skin tiger meat on the Internet Qinyang police: artificially raising venison posing as

On January 30, the Public security bureau of Qinyang City received a report from the public that someone was selling tiger skins and meat online.The public security organs immediately launched an investigation.After investigation: Duan (male, Han nationality, now 43 years old, living in Qinyang, unemployed) to online shopping artificial feeding deer meat posing as tiger meat, to PS dog skin picture posing as tiger skin, download online pictures, fabricated chat records to release false information, to seek huge profits.Up to the case, no one fooled.At present, The Public security Bureau of Qinyang City suspected of illegal use of information network crime on file for investigation, the case is further handling.Qinyang City Public Security Bureau February 1, 2022 Source: Issued by Qinyang

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