No wonder Liu shiwen was swept!Table Tennis pointed out the key to the problem, Zhang Jike teacher meritorious service

In the blink of an eye, the first month of 2022 is about to pass, and Guoping has finished their first competition this year — WTT Macau Championship.In this competition, wang Chuqin beat Ma Long, Xu Xin and Lin Gaoyuan to win the championship.In the women’s singles, Liu surprised Sun Yingsha to reach the final, but was swept 4-0 by Wang Manyu.The table Tennis association recently summed up the WTT Macau Championship, and pointed out the key to liu Shiwen’s sweep.As Wang Man Yu’s coach, Zhang Jike’s former mentor Xiao Zhan meritorious service.Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong are the outstanding players in the new generation of China Ping, and were once called the new three coaches of China Ping.But from the current situation, Chen Xingtong a bit behind, in the team’s main force is not as good as Wang Yidi.Although also participated in the Houston World Table Tennis Championships, but Chen Xingtong’s performance can only be described as normal, can not be compared with Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu.Among the current female table tennis players, wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha are the only ones who can arm Chen Meng, the world no. 1.In particular, Wang Manyu, who has beaten Chen Meng several times since the Olympics, has become the new world No. 1.As a veteran, Liu Shiwen now wants to compete with Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha, has been a very difficult thing.Even so, Liu fought back from a 2-1 semifinal deficit to beat Sun 4-2 to reach the final.Unfortunately, liu shiwen lost to Wang Manyu 4-0 in the final.From the process and results of the game, Wang Manyu completely occupied the initiative, it can be said that Liu Shiwen did not have too many opportunities.Why liu Shiwen can beat Sun Yingsha, but with Wang Man Yu is a crisp defeat?Recently, the World Table Tennis Federation issued a summary of the competition in Macao, and comments on the performance of Wang Chuqin and Wang Manyu.When it comes to the final between Wang Manyu and Liu Shiwen, the Table Tennis Association pointed out the key to the problem.The table Tennis association believes that Wang Manyu took the initiative in this match, and her topspin attack is very effective.In fact, Wang Man Yu’s playing style is more masculine and advanced, so Liu Shiwen’s failure can not simply be explained by age and injury. In terms of playing style, It can be said that Wang Man Yu is ahead of Liu Shiwen, which is the disadvantage of veteran players, ding Ning also faced this problem before.And can let Wang Man yu have advanced, dominant play, director coach Xiao Zhan’s credit is naturally very big.Xiao Zhan was zhang’s chief coach and turned his disciple into a Grand Slam player.Now Wang Manyu has been the champion of women’s singles in the World Table Tennis Championships and the National Games, and she has a great possibility to become the next Grand Slam player of the Chinese women’s Table Tennis Team.For Xiao zhan, his collaboration with Wang Manyu has been very successful so far.We can believe that in the new Olympic cycle, Xiao Zhan will provide more help to Wang Manyu, and the little evil king of China table tennis still has room to continue to rise.Of course, Wang Man yu’s leading playing style is not only for Liu Shiwen, even against Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, Wang Man Yu’s skills do not fall, and even occupy some of the upper hand.Wang Manyu beat Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha in several recent contests, it can be said that she is the future of the country ping first sister of the popular candidate.

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