“King of Boxing 97” script to kill the truth of the murder mystery is who

Need to recheck please private letter xiaobian, xiaobian see the first time to reply to you oh.Story types: mechanism, joy and conception of standard number: player 6 people + DM1 people assessment time: 4-5 h assessment score: mechanism ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ joy ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ reasoning ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ ⭐ ️ story background:In steel City in the late 1990s, the streets were sparsely lit at night, but a small building at the end of the street was full of light and bustle — an arcade at the end of a street corner, filled with people and the smell of smoke and sweat.Even so also can’t resist the children’s passion for arcade games, they eat save money to buy a few game currency for an hour of combat experience, passion and joy of the victory has six children gathered here because of common interests, they often met in the street right hall, share the passion of battle and victory, on or unreliable friends, here,Squander seemingly inexhaustible youth.One e day in 2021, after 15 years of separation, friends received an invitation from the owner of the arcade.Script highlights: as a 00 after the girl, it is not much to contact the king of boxing, no feelings.But the king of Boxer 97 IP is a good mix of emotion and script.People with feelings can get to the point, do not understand the people do not delay.Here is a mechanic I have no feelings for.When I watched Ben in the first act, I laughed out loud and recalled it. I felt that no matter what age, I should have done this kind of thing. The resonance was very strong!And then the ice breaking part is simple and rough and funny.Then I started the middle 2 world, and there was an amplification session, especially the middle 2 and social death, but it was great.The mechanism link is also interesting. A new mechanism set up by using the familiar joystick is easy to understand and highly playable. You can guess the opponent’s psychology by your brain, or simply see luck.The mechanism is also more flexible, the whole originally said simple and rough, but also very balanced, the only thing I regret is not the grass yajing a string of three revenge…You can have a good time if you don’t.There is a feeling at the end of the part has not finished, but the whole play down very cool very cool.Hope the ending before a little bit of burning (burning at the same time, there is no problem in the two) because of the relationship between the IP king of Boxing’s main line plot is exactly the same, so we do not have to worry about not understanding the king of boxing play do not understand!Just call and be done!Easter eggs are also very interesting, the emperor of Boxing party must not miss, the mechanism of this player do not worry!One unit!Recommended Index ⭐️⭐ ⭐️⭐️

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