Attention!There is no cure for these 5 diseases, don’t be fooled…

Medicine is not omnipotent, there are many diseases can not be cured or completely, especially some common diseases, do not rush into a hospital.Rheumatoid disease rheumatic autoimmune disease is a chronic disease associated with immune system, there is a high incidence, low morbidity is high, the swot analysis of the status quo, and only in patients with rheumatic autoimmune disease professional departments, professional rheumatoid immune specification diagnosis and treatment, the doctors to get early detection treated early, alleviate, minimize disability fatality rate.Air Force medical University Xijing Hospital clinical immunology director Wu Zhenbiao reminded, if there is joint muscle pain, back pain and stiffness, blood test serological abnormalities, immunological abnormalities, may prompt suffering from rheumatic diseases.And major rheumatic disease is chronic progressive disease, it is impossible to cure, but major rheumatic disease can be controlled, like controlling the chronic disease such as hypertension, the condition is well controlled.Hypertension Hypertension has become one of the chronic diseases that afflict most people nowadays.Professor Zhang Yuqing, department of Cardiology, Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, stressed that at present, hypertension (except secondary hypertension) cannot be cured.The main objective of clinical treatment for hypertension is to achieve the standard of blood pressure, which for patients means taking antihypertensive drugs for life.It is necessary to remind patients that they must use antihypertensive drugs under the guidance of doctors, and cannot blindly listen to them.Professor Huang MAO, director of respiratory medicine of people’s Hospital of Asthma in Jiangsu Province reminds that asthma cannot be cured “radically”. At present, the medical community can only control asthma effectively, but cannot cure it completely.If an advertisement claims that its medicine can cure asthma, it is considered an exaggeration.Professor Huang MAO introduces, although asthma cannot cure radically, but 80% of asthma patients can realize good control through standard treatment, some patients can completely break away from medicine even through 2-3 years of standardized treatment, normal life, work.Diabetes China has a large number of patients with diabetes.Yang Chuan, director of the diabetes department at Sun Yat-sen Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that type 2 diabetes cannot be cured, and is mainly controlled by long-term medication.The diabetes treatment instrument on the market is only a kind of auxiliary treatment with drugs, can not cure diabetes.Wang Ruiying, deputy director of respiratory department of Shanxi Big Hospital, warned that copd cannot be cured, but it can be prevented and treated.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive chronic airway inflammatory disease characterized by incompletely reversible airflow restriction that requires long-term maintenance treatment.Long-term medication can prevent and control symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of acute exacerbations, and improve exercise endurance and quality of life.Finally, in fact, not only the above five diseases, there are many diseases can not be cured, but it is not difficult to find that no matter what kind of incurable diseases, through formal and effective prevention and control can make the disease is well controlled.So, do not listen to the “magic doctor” and “folk prescription”, only to achieve early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, in order to make the greatest degree of disease relief.
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