Zhao Liying, what is yours will be yours, although late, but fortunately not absent

Li-ying zhao to formal in transition, I still remember clearly, she plays the part of the xue shanshan, fat, stupid, and shy, naive, as long as you are willing to give everything, she will give everything, she is a complete fool, in my view, I’m afraid there is no such a naive, even can be said to be “loaded”.Because of the small age, so there is no too big problem, thanks to Zhao Liying these years, in addition to Xue Shanshan this silly wench, the rest are very ordinary.Since “Lu Zhen legend”, almost all the li-ying zhao movie I watch it again, I think she is in the age of the female star, is a set of, because of her pretty face, let many audiences all sit up and take notice, to her even though she is not professional, but li-ying zhao movements can cause a big stir, her every performance,Will make her acting more perfect.Just like Xue Shanshan, her personality is Zhao Liying. In life, she has a strong and firm heart, no matter how difficult she experiences, she will not shrink back, carefree, without the slightest weakness.Zhao liying is getting older and wants to take her role to the next level. Her new drama Happiness to 10,000 has been aired on CCTV, a poverty alleviation project supported by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, which talks about an all-round development from material culture to spiritual culture.He Xingfu, played by Zhao Liying, is a flexible and tenacious rock climber. She is able to adapt to the changing situation, aggressive and passionate about life. Like Zhao Liying, she is also a hard-working actress.Although the happiness to m “is filming in September last year, is considered to be a new script, but in fact, the prophase preparation than xiaolong zheng of the play on a” merit “earlier, the script preparation for three or four years, the original novel is released in 06 years, now in order to show a new rural scenes, let all the plot of the accord with real,Therefore, Zheng Xiaolong also said in an interview with reporters that this time the screenwriter changed five different versions, from the plot, the role, there are great changes.Of course, there are also certain restrictions on the plot, such as the “troubled marriage” and other places, such as The role of Zhao Liying, was re-shaped to make the role more mature, because of the current society, has undergone tremendous changes.One of the best things about Happiness is that it has a “tense plot”, with many fights and conflicts, which are not only close to reality but also make the plot more appealing.Moreover, the cast of actors are also strong, and Zheng Xiaolong also said that Zhao Liying is the most suitable for the film’s female number one.However, no matter how to say, Zhao Liying or played he Happiness, although come late, but finally did not miss!Around to go around, it is inevitable that some people will say, “happiness to ten thousand” is specially prepared for Zhao Liying.In the film, Luo Jin, Liu Wei and Tang Zeng are all powerful movie stars whose films aim to make ordinary people feel their real lives better.With the passing of time, our living standards have also undergone tremendous changes, we believe that “Happiness to 10,000” will make the country’s villages have been a great development, I also wish Zhao Liying can smooth transition, I am looking forward to her as soon as possible.

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