Senior three students take test papers to “bar”, disco study two not wrong?The comments section was a mess

Senior year is the most stressful time, when students’ futures are all at stake in a single exam.In today’s society, the job needs a degree, without which many good jobs will be lost, and you can only do some jobs that do not need professional nature and brain.For example, in the past, there were too many jobs available for college students. Even those who graduated from good universities or worked as leaders directly could find very good jobs even with a high school education.Now, college graduation has become the most basic requirement for job hunting, education has become a stepping stone, there are many competitors for a post, only education can be decisive.Therefore, both parents and students have the same idea about study, that is, study hard, be admitted to a good university in the future, and then have a good job.Especially in high school, with only three years to prepare, students also work very hard. Faced with heavy study tasks and competition from peers, students also work hard.There is almost no rest time, basically every day to study until midnight, adults sometimes accompanied by learning, this is a lot of senior three party learning state.However, there is such a senior three student, in the tense moment of study, still can take time to go to the bar, but they do not go to the bar to drink, nor relax, but in the bar to do papers.This senior three female student, in the dim light of the bar, buried herself in writing the paper, ignoring the noise of the bar, quietly brush questions.Figure appeared, became the bar is not the same scenery, covered with hair, tender face, and not the same dress up, she seems to be a little incompatible.The video has gained a lot of heat since it appeared. Many people are curious about the girl. Can she really learn in such an environment?Many netizens think that there is no limit to the popularity of making a show, such as the lack of quietness in the library or the lack of chairs at home.And it’s not the only one that high school students have been copying their exams in bars, as many students have posted photos and videos of themselves.For example, students put their homework or books in front of them, and then write their homework with music and occasionally scream with DJ. Such scenes and actions really make people believe that they can learn well.Originally, high school students are also adults, too tired to study to relax, this is understandable, accompanied by parents or relatives is not impossible.But the third year is a special period, other students and parents want to use one hour as two hours, the home is also quiet dare not make a sound, for fear of delaying the children’s study.However, the student was able to go to a nightclub to play, even if it is studying in a nightclub, it is really difficult to make sense, there are still many people doubt it is a show, caused by the crazy ridicule of netizens.After seeing this situation, netizens also showed two different states. Some voiced their support for students to decompress, but some still felt that it was a plaything to lose ambition.Some people think that going to a bar is also a way to relax. The students of senior three are under too much pressure to study. If they don’t pay attention to the combination of work and rest, they can’t stand it.But some also said that after growing up can also go to the bar, relax is not not possible, but the best or formal occasions, so neither good fun, can not study well, waste time.So, what should senior three students do?First of all, I think students in senior three have the right to rest. Students who have experienced senior three all know how much pressure senior three students have. If the string in the brain is always tight, then no matter how good students can’t stand it.It’s just that if students really want to relax, they should relax, have fun while they’re playing, don’t think about studying, and study while they’re studying, don’t think about playing.In this way, work and rest can be combined. It is not impossible to go to the bar, ask for parental consent, or let parents take themselves to play, especially girls, after seeing can also increase some experience.Secondly, relaxation can indeed, is not necessarily like a machine, but should understand the truth of playing things, there is a limit to play, once a week to relax.Some students are likely to borrow “work and rest” under the guise of study began to carry, began to play mobile phones, watch TV and so on, so not only live up to their own efforts, but also live up to their parents’ expectations.Finally, senior three students happen to be in adolescence, it is difficult to control the temptation of the outside world, and it is also difficult to refuse the temptation.This is the time for students to prove themselves, whether to sink in the happiness of the present, or to give a future of their own account, these are students choose their own path, need to be responsible for their own.What do you think about that?Do you think this way of learning is worthy of praise?Welcome to comment!The child’s psychological, education, character and other aspects of the puzzle, can answer your questions, I hope my suggestions can help everyone, so that every baby can grow up healthily.

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