Schrodinger’s free WiFi connection APP

“What is the Wifi password?”Surely many people will ask this question when they go out to eat or go shopping.In today’s mobile phone penetration rate is almost 100%, Wifi has become the most basic indicator to judge business service quality.But when we’re not going to buy something in the store, but we want to connect to the store’s wifi.Not a particularly important string when you think about wifi passwords.So we opened the app store and looked at all the wifi cracking apps, thinking that when we could become the protagonist of the Matrix, to crack the wifi password, we had fallen into the trap.In this year’s 315 gala, some free wifi apps with high downloads were revealed to have not played the role of connecting wifi, but maliciously collected user information.In addition, users are forced to watch advertisements and download all kinds of messy software if they click on them.Many free wifi apps claim to be free to connect directly, without requiring a password.After testing, most of the wifi was disconnected in one scene.Makes you wonder how these free connection apps work.At this year’s 315 Gala, a free wifi connection APP was exposed to have a trap: not only could it not connect to wifi, but it could also reveal personal information.Some free wifiAPP, all in the name of free pop-up all popups, seemingly in asking whether the user connections, but many are leading advertising, if users can’t distinguish click, can download various software, finally free wifi wasn’t even on the phone a bunch of software is becoming more and more and also spend a lot of traffic to download the software,Mobile phones are also becoming more and more jammed!According to the CCTV report, the apps also read and uploaded users’ location information in the background. An app called “Radar WiFi” collected the location information of the tested phones 67,899 times in one day.Given that 60,000 times of location information is enough to locate a person’s daily life, it is hard to imagine how much threat this will bring to user privacy.Some young people in a variety of rogue software in the basic has not eaten this set, but the elderly are not so easy to avoid these hidden dangers.A user of station B uploaded a video, which showed the process of helping his father clean up his mobile phone. The video received more than 3 million views. In the video, his father’s mobile phone was almost useless, the main page was invaded by advertisements, and various pop-up spam software emerged endlessly.A constant barrage of ads is waiting for users to fall into the trap of “voluntary consumption”.Schrodinger’s APP is one of these WifiApps, you can count the number of wifi connections in one place when you open the interface, and it steals personal information.If you call it useless, it does connect to individual wifi, so it’s in a superposition of useful and useless.How do these apps work?In fact, just talking about uploading information has revealed part of the principle, that is, sharing.Free wifi software is a platform for users to share wifi passwords. Users can upload their connected wifi passwords and other information, and then other users can directly connect through the use of the software.In short, the more people who use it, the more passwords they collect, and the more wifi they can connect to.It is like accumulating your own database by using someone else’s wifi password.You can say that you got nothing for your business.For this kind of APP, we should pay attention to the following points: beware of the use of such software by the elderly at home, to avoid information leakage or induced consumption not around the elderly can install the National anti-fraud center APP, to help the elderly avoid downloading such software

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