43 nationwide, the only yangzhou!Baoying one industrial park through the national recognition

Question: Mr. Ju Dajun, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance recently released the fourth batch of 43 national modern agricultural industrial parks.Among them, Baoying Modern Agricultural Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province made the list, becoming the only one in Yangzhou.The modern Agricultural Industrial Park of Baoying County, Jiangsu Province takes lotus root as the leading industry, with a total output value of 5.976 billion yuan in 2021.The park actively promotes the construction of “five centers and six bases” of lotus industry, forming the whole lotus industry chain system of concentrated planting scale, processing enterprise cluster and logistics transaction. The park enjoys 22 enterprises with self-export right, and the annual export volume of lotus products is more than 50,000 tons and the foreign exchange earnings are more than 80 million US dollars.For many years, it has won the first place in China in green planting area, lotus root processing volume and lotus root export volume.In the next step, the management Committee of the Park will focus on building the top brand of Lotus root in China and take the construction of national modern Agricultural Industrial Park as the starting point to plan the construction of “one park and multiple zones” (namely public service area, planting demonstration area, production and processing area, trading and logistics area, cultural experience area, leisure and sightseeing area, etc.).Focus on the nation’s largest charge to processing centres, the completion of the park across the country have an impact on the charge distribution of trading center, China’s charge to export the first garden, planting scale is concentrating on deals, processing enterprises cluster, logistics distribution, the whole industry chain tight charge to industrial system, promoting industrial upgrading, increasing farmers’ income, and become the example of rural industries.Editor: Gorgeous review: Du Qiang Wang Lang

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