The gentleman is the end of the Hapalace TV animation new role Okubo Jo Jo

Famous haemoe suspensed-comics famous “the End of the haemoe” will make TV animation just began on January 7, February 5, today officially announced the latest role, figure extremely buxy-looking white beauty Kloe Mansfield debut, will be played by the United States okubo Jo Jo, please look forward to.· The Harem of the End is adult manga artist Kotaro Suno’s first serialized work in JUMP magazine.The time is 2040 AD.A young man suffering from a rare disease receives frozen sleep treatment after a farewell date with his childhood sweetheart, Elisa.Five years later, pity wakes up to a world in which 99.9% of the world’s men have been killed by the virus and most of its five billion people are women.The near future erotic mystery comics opened.· White beauty Chloe Mansfield is famous for her super plump figure, especially the small tattoo on her left chest, and her character is also gentle and considerate.

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