Suspected Xie Na, Zhang Jie purchase jump single, agent fees up to a million, Zhang Yuqi had lived in the same community

On the afternoon of February 7, a netizen posted a long article on social media platform, accusing Xie Na and Zhang Jie of signing a contract with the landlord directly after he checked the house.At the beginning of the article, the netizen declared that he was speaking for his friend, so he wrote “this article is from my friend H, who is now studying for a master’s degree abroad”. Because of the severe symptoms of the disease, because “approaching the threshold of death, his life is almost dying”, he was no longer afraid of anything and dared to speak out the truth.It’s a long article, but it boils down to three main points.First of all, he accused Xie Na, Zhang Jie to look at the house twice, the result after looking at the house said that he did not like not to buy, but in fact is directly looking for the house of the landlord to buy this house, this behavior in the field of real estate commonly known as “jump single”, is to bypass the intermediary to introduce the house directly signed with the landlord, can save the intermediary fees.Second, he wrote “the price of this less 2019”, “jump” event happened in 2019, the net friend is today only through social platform exposure, because previously was found by uproot shayna, zhang jie’s lawyer, threat, he said if the leaked information, is a criminal offence, give his “into” the net friend to avoid being threatened,I went abroad to study so that I could Sue them through normal legal channels in China.And he also consulted other lawyers, said that according to xie Na, Zhang Jie’s contacts, he won’t win the probability.Third, the netizen stated in the article that the house she was looking at at that time was Room 101, No. 7, East Garden of Sinan Mansion. The landlord was an asset management center.If xie Na and Zhang Jie buy this property through an intermediary, they will have to pay more than 1.6 million yuan of intermediary fee if they follow the 2.7% intermediary fee of normal intermediaries.Of course, under normal circumstances, the sale price of 10 million person of extraordinary powers, intermediary fee often can be lowered, but also between 1% to 1.5% commonly, also want 930,000, it is a not small figure really.At the same time, the netizen also posted a number of pictures, including chat records with suspected staff surnamed Xie Na and Zhang Jie Luo, showing the time as June 21, 2019, the other party said to arrive at 1 PM on time, and reminded the netizen not to take photos.Several other photos were posted, including a profile showing what appeared to be Shayna’s face, holding up a mobile phone and sending voice messages.In addition, also posted a photo of the right of real estate register, date printing for November 1 last year, showing the address and the address given in this paper, covers an area of 341.77 square meters, the right people as “smiling about chongqing culture media co., LTD.”, thus, the net friend is likely to be right, the property is really in the company name,The legal representative of the company is Luo Zhengying, the mother of Xie Na, who holds 99 percent of the shares and is the majority shareholder of the company, netizens pointed out.The post has been forwarded more than 7,500 times as of press time, with one netizen commenting: “Hopping is the act of signing a sale contract without an intermediary.Jumping orders is illegal.The purpose of avoiding the intermediary and reaching an agreement privately is to avoid paying the intermediary remuneration. The intermediary has the right to demand that the client pay the remuneration as agreed, but the intermediary needs to report truthfully to the client about the matters related to the conclusion of the contract.”If the client accepts the intermediary’s services and takes advantage of the transaction opportunities or media services provided by the intermediary to conclude the contract directly, the client shall pay remuneration to the intermediary.This means that if what the netizen said is true, then Xie Na and Zhang Jie even if they signed a contract with the landlord, completed the purchase transaction, according to the law also need to pay the netizen intermediary fees.Finally, Xie na said in the variety show that she has been renting a house in Shanghai and will rent another school district house when her children go to school.If what the netizen said is true, buying a house worth more than 60 million yuan at the first sale, it can only be said that the couple are really rich.It is worth mentioning that the “Sinan Residence” mentioned in the article is a well-known luxury residential area in Shanghai. In 2018, Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan had a dispute, Zhang Yuqi stabbed Yuan Bayuan with a fruit knife, and the residential area is Sinan Residence. In this way, it is possible that Xie Na, Zhang Jie and Zhang Yuqi are neighbors.Do you think it is true what the netizen accused?Will Xie Na and Zhang Jie jump in order to save the intermediary fee?

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