The standard movement of forward bending in standing position

The standard move is to keep your legs straight and your hands straight, lowering your head gradually and bringing your hands toward your ankles.Postural flexion is a common school physical fitness test designed to measure the standard range of motion that can be achieved by the torso, waist, hip and other joints at rest.When standing in a forward bend, both feet land on the ground, as in front of the sitting position.Start by sitting.In the home can prepare yoga mat or quilt and so on mat on the floor, the person sits above, place a belt horizontally first, the position is just in the position of the heel after sitting two legs straight.Then we will prepare a tape measure, tape measure length as long as possible.Then we pull it out and place it in a cross position with the tape, leaving about 40 centimeters in front and 40 centimeters in front of the bag, or 15 inches if it’s in inches.Now you can start the forward bend, legs straight, hands straight, lower your head gradually, and gradually bring your hands toward your ankles.Look up and see where your hand is on the top of the ruler.Then look up, take a deep breath, and do it again with the idea of going beyond that, this time the demonstrator was 44 centimeters.Is it easy to do this step by step?It mainly reflects the extensibility and elasticity of joints, ligaments and muscles of lower limbs and waist and the development level of body flexibility.After mastering the forward bending of the sitting position, replace sitting position with standing position.

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