The nominees for the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards: Nicholas Tse failed to compete with his father and Andy Lau failed to make the cut

February 16, 202, China Hong Kong Film Awards nominations: Lin Jiandong, Xie Xian, Liang Zhongheng, Wu Zhenyu nominated for best Leading Actor, Zhou Xiuna, Wang Danny, Liu Yihao, Wu Junru, Gong Liming best Medicine.Anger, Anita Mui, Mother’s Secret Child, Wisdom Tooth, Tooth are competing for the best film;In the middle, Chen Maisheng, Liang Leiming, Zheng Baorui and Chen Lexin compete for best director;Wisdom Teeth was the biggest winner with 14 nominations;”Anita Mui” won 12 nominations and “Cloudy Water Drift” 11.Affected by the pandemic: The Hong Kong Golden Image Awards 2020 online organization has just published a winner and then published a trophy and certificate to the winner.Unknown entertainer Wu Ching Province pointed out that the 2021 Hong Kong Golden Image Award has not been held, and the 2022 Hong Kong Golden Image Award needs to count outstanding films from these two years, so the competition is very fierce.Thus, from February 20020 to February 2021, the film is more than a loss, as it has been in the past year and perhaps the judge has forgotten.Andy Lau starred in “The Bomb Expert 2” which could be called the Seat and then broke box office records on the mainland, Andy Lau’s act could be said to be on God, but there was no finalist.The box office record for “Bandemun Expert 2” was broken by Donnie Yen and Nicholas TSE, but Donnie Yen and Nicholas TSE did not finalize the best male lead.After all, Donnie Yen doesn’t understand that he’s a “star”;But Nicholas TSE’s performance in “Anger: A Serious Case” is very good, and he also produced it among the best actors at the Macau International Film Festival.Also, “Anger: A Serious Case” was released last summer. Is it too long for a judge not to consider it?Nicholas TSE’s father, Hsieh Hsien, once “killed dusk”, the Hong Kong Golden Picture Award can contribute to the same table for father and son.It seems that the Hong Kong Golden Image Awards really stick to the guidelines of “virtual skills” and don’t engage the organizing committee would rather have Lin Chiu Tung be chosen for the two films, they didn’t let Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, and Nicholas TSE, because the censors thought Lin Chiu Tung performed very well in these two films.Wu Jing and Yi En also set off the best leading actor.Although “Changjinhu” is a mainland film, it is eligible because the directors are Tsui Hark and Lam Cha-sam from Hong Kong.”Changjinhu” was nominated in three technical categories: Best Mosaic, Best sound effect and Best visual effect.Koo has been nominated for best male role in Anita Mui.In the wake of the epidemic, Koo has been filming the shoot that has kept many of the film’s grass-roots staff employed.Discussion: Do you think not

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