The “Zheng Jixuan Monument” in the Eastern Han Dynasty

This article introduces the zheng Jixuan tablet, carved in the second year of Zhongping in the Eastern Han Dynasty (185 years), the tablet is located in Jining Prefecture, Shandong Province (now Jining County, Shandong Province).Unfortunately, the original monument has long been damaged, and the rubbings left are incomplete. The size of the rubbings is 90.5cm vertically and 110cm horizontally.The original rubbings from the early Qing Dynasty are now in the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing.Eastern Han rubbings inscription for seal script Yin “Yushi official name” 8 words.It’s so peeled it’s almost illegible.Inscription in official script.The entire tablet consists of 18 lines. The first 15 lines are prologue with 37 words per line, and the last three lines are epigraph with 35 words per line.The official script of the Eastern Han Dynasty had already entered a mature stage of finalization and presented various styles.It should belong to the beautiful and clear jin, colorful and elegant way. This way of Official script often belongs to the most easily accepted way of calligraphy lovers, and it is easy to learn. Therefore, it has many aesthetic supporters, as we all know, and so should belong to this style.The original taph eph of Yang Banjie’s work is very vague. It has lost its function as a copy model. The reason why the eph is still praised and recorded all the way is that this monument has been paid attention to by many famous works in history.This tablet has been recorded in The Li Continuation by Hong Shi in the Song Dynasty, the Records of The Characters of Stone and Stone by Gu Yanwu in the Qing Dynasty, and the Compilation of the Stone and Stone Cuiji by Wang Chang.Therefore, although the actual function of the tablet is no longer in use, it still has academic analysis and reference value for the study and classification of the eastern Han Official script system.2, “Very vague and very dreamy. Who didn’t give much to the diplomat?Incomplete or leave another kind of beauty, only the word way once upon a time.Thanks for your attention and support: thank you!![thank you][Thank you][Thank you][rose][Rose]

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