The Spring Festival is coming!Experience snow and ice flying on your doorstep

“How exciting!On February 3, from the 265 meters long primary piste flying down, ski lover Li Xiaohua excited, “The Beijing Winter Olympics will soon open, can not go to the scene, I will be on the ski field for the Olympic athletes cheer!”Holding poles, stepping on skis, enjoying speed and passion while sliding…With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics just around the corner, the ice and snow sports in Weihai are becoming more and more “hot”. Many citizens choose to have a hot “snow” boiling trip at their “doorstep”.”Two more slips and I can stop!”This is the second time liu Jiayu, 8 years old, skiing, compared with the first timid, this time he was much more brave, even if he fell down and did not cry, patted the snow on his butt to stand up to continue.Liu’s mother, looking at her son, said, “I was very excited before he came. I practiced at home with my grandfather and showed him how to ski.He used to think skiing was a great sport, but now the ski resort is right on his doorstep, so he can experience the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics during the holiday.””Sou……”Dressed in green camouflage ski “little will” dive down, I saw him slightly bent knees, visual front, natural and smooth movement, sliding to the bottom of the slope.Qu Haoyang, 11, has been skiing for five years.”I love skiing so much that I come here during the snow season. It’s given me a sense of adventure and made me taller.”Qu Haoyang smiled happily, a twist and rushed back to the piste.Children’s love of skiing is a microcosm of weihai’s growing “ice and snow fever”, as the goal of “300 million people on ice and snow” is moving from vision to reality.Weihai is a famous snow “snap” the shandong peninsula, is currently the city a total of four ski resorts, 2 indoor snow experience hall, one standard indoor hockey hall, 3 indoor ice rink, nearly 20 primary and middle schools have launched the ice and snow sports into the campus activities, a growing number of weihai city and youth to participate in the ice and snow sports, fall in love with ice and snow sports.According to the relevant person in charge of the Mediterranean ski resort, since the snow season, the number of skiers doubled, during the Spring Festival, the average daily reception of thousands of people.On the ski field, there are groups of citizens experiencing the fun of ice and snow sports, and there is no lack of skilled skiers busy with skills.On the intermediate road, several rustling skiers stepped on the skis and jumped off, sometimes lowering the center of gravity to touch the snow with their hands, sometimes splashing the snow, difficult movements in one go, leaving an “S” -shaped curve on the ski.Yu Yongjun, who won the provincial snowboarding champion in two consecutive winter national fitness games, is one of them.Driven by the trend of the Winter Olympics, Yu founded weihai Ice and Snow Extreme Club five years ago. He became acquainted with skiing enthusiasts, and the number of members has grown from more than 40 to more than 800, with more than 20 certified ski instructors.”The popularity of skiing in the masses is inseparable from the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. In recent years, I obviously feel that there are more skiing companions and the conditions of Weihai Snow Resort are getting better and better.”Yu said the club was founded to provide a platform for people to discuss skiing skills, learn from each other and improve their sports skills, and promote skiing by holding open classes and other activities.The Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is approaching, Yu Yongjun is full of expectations, he has made an appointment with the “snow friends” to watch the games together, cheer for The Chinese ice athletes.(Hi Weihai client reporter Yu Shuyi/photo) Chief Editor: Yin Hongjun Chief editor on duty: Wang LAN Review: Sun Meiling editor: Dong Qianping

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