PSBC Changde Branch launched “3.15” Consumer Rights Day publicity activities

At the promotional event.Rednet Moment Changde, March 16 – (Correspondent Liu Rensong) In order to continuously strengthen the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests, enhance the public’s awareness of risk prevention, eliminate the hidden dangers of consumer rights and interests, On March 15, PSBC Changde Branch launched the March 15 consumer rights and interests protection education and publicity activities.Go out into the streets and into the community.On the day of the event, PSBC Changde Branch organized staff to wanda Plaza and Baima Community to popularize the knowledge of preventing financial fraud to the general residents, especially the elderly, by setting up service consulting desks, making on-site presentations and distributing financial knowledge publicity leaflets.Network publicity.Various outlets use customer waiting time for business, for customers in the form of micro salon financial knowledge propaganda, spread to the customer “the yuan does” “money laundering” “personal credit” and other relevant knowledge, strengthen the consumer risk awareness, guide the consumer rights in accordance with the law, reason, and widely listen to and collect the customer opinion suggestion.Online publicity.PSBC Changde Branch has made online copywriting on the theme of “Lawsuit against Insurance” to pay attention to customers’ problems and transfer financial knowledge.Give full play to the role of online channels such as wechat public account and wechat Moments of friends to publicize the knowledge of consumer rights protection to the masses of customers.PSBC Changde Branch will always adhere to the principle of “customer-centered” and guide customers to continuously improve their risk identification and risk prevention capabilities, improve financial rights protection, and build a harmonious and honest financial environment.

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