Open New Year namely sprint!Municipal Water Group press the “fast forward button” of project construction

Reporter Zhou Danxia Zheng Yongcheng Reporter Wang Bo Xinzhou Water Purification Plant Phase II construction site at 10:30 on February 11, the city Water Environment Group Xinzhou Water purification Plant phase II construction site roaring machines, a busy, many workers have begun to check, carry construction materials, standardize the site layout, debugging equipment.The scene of two red mechanical arms are concrete pouring, played a lively resumption of work music, to the beginning of the New Year brought a touch of celebration in Yongcheng.This is just an epitome of the orderly resumption of major projects under construction of municipal Water Environment Group Engineering Construction Management Branch.In recent days, the Engineering Construction Management Branch of Municipal Water Environment Group has been taking “epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production” as a practical examination room to fulfill the original mission, and taking multiple measures to speed up the resumption of work and production.Up to now, jiangbei Sinking, the second phase of the new Week, Hangzhou Bay waterworks and other major projects under construction have been fully resumed.The second phase of the new Week is the first batch of projects resumed by municipal Water Environment Group.Since the resumption of work was approved on February 9, the construction site has been expanding the scope of operations while comprehensively implementing epidemic prevention and control.Hundreds of workers have returned to the project so far, most of them working on concrete floors.”The construction site was notified to resume work on February 9, and I immediately took a nucleic acid test and came back.”Chen Hu returned to the construction site from his hometown and lived in a two-room dormitory with his fellow villagers. They took their body temperature at least twice a day and ate separate meals.”Last year, there was a small epidemic in Jinhai and Beilun, which affected our construction site a little bit. But the New Year has a new atmosphere. We are the builders of urban water utilities, so if we can do what we can, to resume work and production safely and healthily as soon as possible is our contribution!”Chen tiger hu said.In order to ensure the early resumption of production, as early as February 10, jiangbei Sunk reclaimed water plant (phase I) project organized personnel to carry out a comprehensive disinfection of workers’ dormitories.City water environmental group project construction management branch, according to senior engineer Huang Jian site carries closed management, unified purchase and epidemic prevention materials and articles for daily use, at the same time of rework to arrange specialist personnel for one-on-one and archived for nucleic acid detection, isolation and anti-epidemic measures, such as distribution box and take the lead in building site all crane and maintenance overhaul,Organize workers to cut steel bars in advance to make full preparation for the resumption of work.”In the recent rainy weather, the ground was wet. While doing routine safety inspection to ensure workers’ construction safety, we also conducted safety construction training for workers on site to remind them to take safety precautions and improve safety awareness.Huang Jian said.It is reported that Jiangbei District sunken reclaimed water plant is the first sunken reclaimed water plant in our city. The project has completed the concrete pouring of all the bottom plate of the box body, and is carrying out the construction of the underground two-storey structure, and strive to have water access conditions before the end of this year.”It’s raining now and then, but wearing a poncho is in the way!”On February 11, workers wearing hard hats and reflective vests began to tie and weld steel bars at the construction site of hangzhou Bay New Area waterworks project.The worker carries on the reinforcing bar welding “has the work to do, the matter is quite many.Reporters interviewed a random site workers, he said this is his New Year after the biggest feeling.It is reported that on the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, the project held an online New Year mobilization meeting in the mobile phone contact group, in order to let the construction parties quickly from “vacation mode” to “work mode”.It is reported that the project is the first modernized standard waterworks in Hangzhou Bay, with a total investment of about 355 million yuan and a water supply capacity of 120,000 tons/day. In the future, 300,000 Residents of Hangzhou Bay will drink high-quality reservoir water. The project has completed part of the main structure engineering, and is expected to have access to water by the end of this year.Ningbo Water Environment Group Engineering Construction Management Branch will continue to speed up the resumption of work, pay close attention to the progress and quality, press the construction “fast forward” button, ensure a “good start” in the first quarter, complete the annual task smoothly, and build the water engineering into a high-quality project.

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