“Jade Hall gold boudoir” did not brush enough, meaning thousands of heavy with this ancient text, with 9.8 points to win the ancient first!

Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today I recommend to you: “Yutang Gold Boudoir” did not brush enough, meaning thousands of heavy with this ancient text, with 9.8 points to win the ancient speech first!Introduction: Li Tian has a clear goal in this life: rich, free, no worries, no ability, no temper loving husband, a variety of flowers and plants, raise cats and dogs, drink a little wine, sing a few songs…Pit guide: “huang Da shopkeeper how?”Li Tian got on the bus and asked cao Si’s wife without waiting for her to sit down. Cao Si’s wife took out a mulberry paper envelope from her bosom and handed it to Li Tian: “Huang Da’s shopkeeper sent it here. Look!”Cao’s wife pointed to the word ‘resignation’ written on the mulberry paper envelope.The envelope was handed over face up, Li Tian had seen the walnut size of ‘resignation’ two words, eyes slightly shrink, hand pulled off the head of the silver hairpin pick open the envelope, inside a thin piece of paper only wrote a line of words: “Huang Zhongxian please resign big shopkeeper”.Li Tian pinched the paper hard, trying not to let herself shiver, but pinched her nails white.”It will rain and the mother will marry…”After a while, Li Tian said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Now that I’m here, I have no choice but to go up to you. Please go and ask manager Cheng and Sun Liu to wait for me in a private room in Fan Lou at the end of the afternoon. Then you can invite the managers of the six shops in The capital to the backyard of Rong ‘an Hall.”Be.”Cao four daughter-in-law promised 1, knocked under the carriage, the car stopped, Cao four daughter-in-law jumped off the car, yue niang sat in front of the car, lift the curtain probe looked at Li Tian asked: “go back or?””Go back first, as soon as possible.”Li Tian ordered a way, yue Niang promised, did not wait for the curtain to fall, the car rushed out suddenly.”Mammy Bear will walk with me. You and Green Branch stay here and watch the yard. Sweet mother, take your horse.”Li Tian while stretching his hands by the green branch waiting to change clothes, while the command way, Yingluo point one thousand two silver bills, sealed with red, straight on the cover of the written ‘Cheng Yi one thousand two’ five words, the red seal to Bear Ma.Sister Hsiung had put away her red seal, and Li Tian had changed into a pale grey cloth gown, with silk ribbons of the same color tied around her waist. She wore a cloak of dark grey cloth and silk and cotton, and her hair was twisted into a man’s bun, bound up with a pale grey silk scarf.Yue niang a agile ride bunt, holding the extremely long plaited ruff surface in the squirrel cloak emerged from lift curtain, darted out of the gate and three Angle of the door has been a very common xujiaweizi cart, waiting for the indigo cloth, mammy bear and Li Tian lift the curtain on, yue niang sat in the front, after the horse is in the car, the car light sad rush in, dashed home yellow big boss.After a while, they arrived at huang Zhai. Li Tian was sitting straight in the car, looking through the window at huang Zhai with her face expressionless and the door closed. Sister Xiong rushed back, lifted the curtain of the car and reported:”Five lady, said yesterday after midnight began to brightly lit packing, today the day is not bright on the light, the east of the doorman got up early, asked for a few words, said to listen to their biaoshi said, to li Zhou road to go.”‘To Liju Road?Run after him at Daloumen. I must see him, anyhow.”Li Tian gave orders in a solemn voice, and Mammy Xiong said yes. She got on the car and hurried to dai Lou gate.Li Tian took Cheng Yi from Sister Xiong and said, “Go home first and pick me up at Fan Lou at the end of this afternoon.”Mammy Xiong nodded her head. “Be careful,” she said.Li Tian said ‘yes’ and put on his cloak. Yue Niang was already wearing the grey rat cloak and holding the horse’s REINS.(click the following link to read the novel) the second: “phoenix door dear female” author: meaning thousand heavy introduction: “Jade Hall gold boudoir” did not brush enough, meaning thousand heavy with this ancient article, with 9.8 points for triding ancient speech first!She, the daughter of destiny, was a noble woman, but a victim of small men.Born again, strong, shining!A drop of power blood, life and death, flesh and bones, stir the world!One hand ruyi tea into people’s dreams, special treatment life regret, daughter hard to find!But the blood of the mighty power has attracted a beautiful official, close by, in pursuit.”Lady, the decree of heaven shall not be disobeyed!””What does destiny say?””It says, I want you!Into the pit guide: Mu three wife fierce tunnel: “who dare?If I come back alive, I’ll cut him off!”The crowd saw her so confident, thinking that they might not have something behind the scenes, or they would not be so bold, and they were afraid again.Zhao Li is watching Mu Yunhan, had said, some things he will not be involved too deep, but also to see her own.Mu Yunhan walked down the steps and slowly walked toward Mu 3’s wife.Mu 3 wife askew head sneer, provoke a way: “bereavement door star, small bitch, mo not want to hit me?”Muyunhan looked at her expressionlessly and said nothing.People lament, this han wench has been a stuffy temper, how can start to beat people?”Come on, come on, if you don’t hit me today, you’re a son of a bitch!”Admire 3 wife complacently hold out chest, arrogant ground go toward mu Yun han body front squeeze, triangle eye is full of contempt: “however be a fool occupied innocent dirty thing……””Pa!”A resounding box on the ear hit in mu 3 wife left face, hit her meng.”Pa!”Another loud blow struck her on the right cheek, blanking half of it.”Ao ~” mu 3 wife reaction come over, hysterical howl 1, suddenly toward Mu Yun Han bump: “you dare to hit me, you dare to hit me?”With a deft move, Muyunhan punched her on the bridge of her nose, causing her to lean back and spurt blood and tears.”Bring it!Muyunhan’s voice is as cold as ice spring in winter, and his look is awe-inspiring and cannot be offended.The public temporarily look foolish, such muyun Han good look!”Elder sister, have no horse dung, only cow dung, can not?”Muan emerged from the crowd, holding aloft a wooden shovel bearing a steaming mass of cow dung.Mu Yunhan hook up lip horn, take a trace of evil: “three aunt is not picky about food.”Mu 3 wife this time just know to be afraid, panic tunnel: “do you want to do?Let me go…”There was a crack, and all her words were choked with hot cow dung.Muyunhan patted her mouth with a wooden shovel, regretfully saying: “The mouth is too small to feed much.””Oh…”Mu 3 wife vomit dark and dark, hate to drop blood.(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “Spring” author: looking back in the snow introduction: Jin Wang Lao six concubines, married is six small official concubines, this family is really low can not be raised.But even the son of the king is useless, and not attack the duke.Zhuang Jiaojiao was very satisfied with the marriage.Not in charge, not in charge of the in-laws, not in charge of the household, enough money to spend, enough sleep.Into the pit guide: “just, since nothing, pick up back.Married daughter, we’re not supposed to talk about your family.Although Zhiwei was not born to me, she never suffered from pain.Small door, in the city of Tokyo, is really not a good door.He jia is a jinshi.How to calculate, is our banker gao Climb.”The big lady is light.”Mother-in-law’s words but called the little husband fidgety.The original is he family to marry.If these years, Zhiwei because I congratulate the family bad, it is all my fault.Zhuang family rank does not matter, the zhuang family style is excellent, the children’s upbringing is excellent.If I say he’s married, I’m afraid he’s married.””That’s all. I’m an old woman who can’t speak.It’s getting late. Let’s all go home.We’ll talk when we see your mother some other day.”The big lady waved her hand.”Be.”He Hongyuan’s heart was pounding.To tell the truth, father-in-law is very easy to understand, is a little temper also naive a person.Can this eight wind motionless mother-in-law is really hard to say.The old lady then said, “It’s fate to be married.Repair how many world fate.The young couple is old company, and the child is blessed from beginning to end.Can be if or is matchmaker pull wrong red line, can not be tied to death.You’re all young, you’re all full of ideas.Be tolerant of each other.Think of the good in each other and it will get better and better.”Everyone thanked the old lady for her advice.As for the meaning of this, I understand what I should understand.At the door of zhuang’s house, Zhuang Shouye and his wife came out to deliver them, as did his two sons.It had been observed from the outside that, regardless of his family background, the three sons-in-law were all young and promising.The girls helped each other into the carriage.According to the official position or according to the rules, zhao Tuo was naturally the first, no matter how he was a royal.However, he did not follow this theory, only said that he was behind He Hongyuan in the dealer.But unfortunately, on family status, he home reluctantly calculate upstart, compared with the banker is not as good as some.The horses and carts are not pretty.Zhuang Jiaojiao was zhao Tuo helped to get on the car, he Hongyuan saw it seemed a little embarrassed complexion.The carriage left the street of Bookmakers and drifted apart.”What is the big lady thinking?”Zhao Tuo leaning on the carriage is not a rule.”I was thinking of the marriage of the second sister.As the saying goes, cultivate one’s morality, rule the country and make the world peaceful.I don’t think my brother-in-law did the first step.””Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”Zhao Tuo smiled, “You are not bad, but you are a fool.To my mind, your second sister is a weakling.When neither husband nor wife is in charge…”(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past wonderful content review: Quick wear: blow “quick wear of green tea for essence to be superior” green tea for essence vs all walks of life big guy Egret in pairs with “Into the Clouds” amazing attack, see sea King vs slag female, how to love each other to kill!Quick wear article “quick wear host is a real big man” white cut black full level female vs neurotic abdomen black male three Beijing flavor Gao Gan article: blow “City of time” leng ao young vs tutor, huge sexy Lin Jia Cheng another ancient words was turned over, not to lose “jinyi Jade”, 9.8 points amazing championship!

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