Intel 13 Core Sprint: Continue to increase the size of the core, cache explosion

Intel Alder Lake core 12 has been laid out, followed by Raptor Lake 13.Traditionally, the launch will begin in the fourth quarter, with a full rollout early next year, but the first batch could be released as early as the third quarter.Currently, Intel is preparing software support for the next generation of products.According to a recent report, audio support for core 13 has been added to the Linux 5.18 kernel.Prior to this, the Linux 5.17 kernel has initially supported the core display of the core desktop version 13.The 13th generation of Core will continue to use Intel 7 technology and hybrid architecture, in which the small core is expected to double to 16, a total of up to 8 large 16 small 24 core 32 threads, and the total cache will increase from 44MB to 68MB, of which the secondary cache will be 32MB and the tertiary cache will be 36MB.The interface is still LGA1700, but there will be a new 700 series motherboard, including Z790, B760 and so on, but whether the current 600 series motherboard can be compatible with 13 generation core is unknown.

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