Wb3-0vg won 4 in a row, warm sun state recovery, no wonder Beckman and MTG deadlock also want to buy xingyu

Game 2 of week 2, Day 4 of the 2022 KPL Spring Regular season has been decided.The final result was: WB beat VG 3 to 0 easily.With this win, WB has won 4 of 4 games so far this season and is still undefeated.In fact, when WB won EDGM, they were already in Group A. After VG, it was more certain that group B could not get 4 wins and not be in Group A.WB’s investment of tens of millions in the transfer period is starting to pay off.No one will doubt its strength. However, WB has been on the decline since 2020, especially for the whole year of 2021. WB, like WB, has been in a haze, and its performance is really not ideal, and even stays in group B.As the new season begins, frankly speaking, the overall performance of Warm Sun is not particularly good, especially in the battle between WB and EDGM, the overall performance of warm Sun has been questioned.Therefore, there are even such voices on the Internet that warm sun is WB’s weakness now.However, WB and VG this battle, warm sun is completely proud, the state of obvious recovery, and the third small game, his FMVP hero mirror consecutive single kill opposite, has been helping WB to establish an advantage.With the revival of the warm Sun, WB is likely to get better and better in the future, group A is only A small target, they may be aiming for more than Group S this season!When it comes to Beckman, many people’s first reaction is: he was the head coach of MTG before, he led MTG for a long time, MTG can come to KPL arena, Beckman is no small credit.But why did Beckman break up with MTG?This may not be clear to many friends.Some of the details may only be known to the parties, but the main trigger at the time was that Beckman wanted to buy Star, but MTG would not let him, and eventually the two sides fell apart.WB’s boss had always thought highly of Beckman and had been trying his best to poach him. When he had the chance, he immediately hired Beckman.After Beckman became WB’s head coach (and now director of game training), he saw xingyu’s listing in the transfer period and immediately snapped it up. Beckman and Xingyu finally connected.Now, I can only say: no wonder Beckman and MTG fell out to buy star, champion support is really a little strong ah!Seong-woo was immersed in DYG for a while, but after he was moved to WB, he became very popular.WB and VG this game, Star Yu Erlian MVP, performance is really too good, not kua can not ah, especially this hand Zhang Fei, also too imaginative!Guys, what do you think about WB breaking into Group A with A 4-game winning streak after beating VG 3-0?How far do you think WB will go this season?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!Be there or be square in the comments section!

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