Why are tova meals so popular

Recently, due to the impact of COVID-19, primary and secondary schools in many places have started the mode of “not suspending classes”, and “online classes with children” has become a new requirement for many families.In response, many hotels have taken a different approach, offering tova’s “online class room” and “Tova package”, which has become a hot topic on the Internet.For middle and high school children, with a certain degree of self-control, the learning effect of online classes alone can be guaranteed.However, it is difficult to guarantee the learning results of elementary school children without adult supervision.Especially for dual-income families, children’s learning has become a big problem during the epidemic prevention and control period.In this case, the hotel’s “online class room” and “Tovah package” offer many parents an alternative.These “tovah packages”, although different in content and price, are similar in form. Parents send their children to the hotel in the morning, and the hotel is responsible for their children’s online learning and three meals a day. Parents pick up their children at the hotel after work.There is also the option of having children stay overnight in a hotel, which costs more.After the relevant hotel launched this service, some parents welcomed, indicating that this service to meet the actual needs of some parents, worthy of affirmation.At the same time, the hotel industry is also one of the industries hardest hit by the epidemic. Some hotels have no customers during the epidemic period. The introduction of hosting services for primary and secondary school students can also find new profit growth points for hotels.From this point of view, related exploration can be win-win.In addition to the hotel to launch hosting services, relevant parties should also vigorously innovate the working mechanism, through the purchase of social organization services or recruitment of community volunteers and other ways, to better help families with child care difficulties do a good job.(Garden Wide)

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