Why are athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics so impressed by a bed in China?

Beijing Olympics once again make my China once again become the focus of attention of the world, at the end of January, the athletes have rushed into the village in China’s Beijing, yanqing, zhangjiakou games, the athletes all for China to provide them with good rest elegant living environment and excited, in succession to made in China and the Chinese wisdom behind the thumb up.Among them, American bobsledder Sommer Britcher posted a video on her social media platform introducing and praising the East Olympic Village smart bed she slept in, which instantly went viral online and received 350,000 likes. She was deeply impressed by the chinese-made smart bed.Compared with the cardboard beds in Tokyo, the smart beds in Beijing’s Winter Olympic village are far better.No comparison, no harm. Sommerbrecher says sleeping on a cardboard bed for a week in the Olympic Village in Tokyo, Japan, made her back ache.What she saw in east Olympic Village was the big, wide, thick smart bed that China provides for every athlete.A small bed not only shows the sincerity of the Chinese people to welcome foreign athletes to China, but also shows the strong ability of scientific and technological innovation and the speed of China that is sweeping the world.Sommer Britcher from the most developed United States has never seen a remote control button on the bed, and it is 8 buttons, just like driving a car to provide a variety of sleep and rest mode, she showed her friends in the United States what is called zero gravity mode of rest, it is so comfortable.Part of the front half of this bed can rise or reduce Angle according to his demand, can be used completely when sofa, TV mode can be adjusted when watching TV.The smart bed is made of high-tech memory foam and has built-in sensors for massage, zero pressure, alarm clocks, and even better, when the bed detects that its occupant is snoring, it automatically raises its head to minimise the noise.The biggest worry for the big, strong athletes entering the Olympic village is that the beds are too small.The smart bed is a perfect solution to this problem. The end of the bed can be automatically raised, extended and widened, and the length can reach 2.2 to 2.4 meters. Yao Ming, who is 2.26, can sleep on it without any problem.

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