I am “connecting” to the people of Qingdao…They sent New Year’s greetings to their hometown

Zhang Lingyun (second from right), president of shandong Association of Southern California (Los Angeles), presents Chinese New Year goods and epidemic prevention materials to compatriots in the United States.The year of the Tiger bell has rung, thousands of thick homesickness, in the sound of blessing, I extend my best wishes to my hometown Qingdao on the other side of the ocean.I sincerely wish my great motherland and my beloved hometown beautiful mountains and rivers, good weather and good weather, I wish the old folks who miss day and night everything wins, happiness.It’s Spring Festival again.At this moment, my heart is full of homesickness, red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky used to constitute the best memories of my childhood;I am always proud of seeing my hometown accelerate the construction of a modern international metropolis with more steady steps. As Qingdao people who go abroad, we have more confidence and louder voice.As the president of shandong Association of Southern California (Los Angeles), my colleagues and I have been together with our compatriots studying, starting businesses and living in Los Angeles these days, sending them the best wishes from home and thoughtful New Year’s gifts.The familiar local dialect and the friendly local people make the Spring Festival in a foreign land warm.In the New Year, I will live up to the expectations of my hometown and elders. Under the leadership of Qingdao Federation of Overseas Chinese, I will play the “overseas Chinese” card well, mobilize the enthusiasm of overseas Chinese, and contribute to the economic and social development of overseas Chinese.Wang Zhangrui, Researcher of international Finance Corporation, World Bank: Wish my hometown better and better from the other side of the Ocean wang Zhangrui is at work.My name is Wang Zhangrui, from Bozi Village, Rizhuang Town, Laixi city. I am now working at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a subsidiary of the World Bank, as a researcher. I am committed to cooperating with financial institutions of various countries to expand financing channels for smes, especially female smes.Due to the epidemic, I stayed in Washington, D.C., the United States, for the Spring Festival this year. I could not go back to my hometown to make dumplings and celebrate the New Year with my family.During the Spring Festival, I will continue to work hard so that more small and medium-sized enterprises around the world can enjoy the rain of finance.I will also take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to our American friends and partners so that they too may feel the joy of the Chinese New Year.Although the Pacific Ocean is vast, it cannot stop me from missing my country and family.On this holiday season, I wish home from the other side of the ocean, wish the New Year Auspicious tiger harvest, the villagers across the better day!I wish my dear motherland, tiger roar auspicious, sweep the haze of the epidemic;Economic take-off, dragon teng tiger jump in the international!To wish you all a happy New Year, tiger Yao new journey;All the best, tiger tiger!Xu Fengqiang (left) and Wang Kai make dumplings in seychelles.We are members of the 18th Chinese medical team to Seychelles, from the Affiliated Hospital of YUCU.On the Seychelles Island of Mahe in Africa, we send festive greetings to the motherland and Qingdao. On the occasion of the Year of the Tiger, I wish the motherland prosperity and people a happy life. I hope the COVID-19 epidemic disappears in the year of tigers and tigers, and I wish all the people back home peace, health and happiness.The Victoria Hospital is the only large general hospital in The Indian Ocean island country of Seychelles, which is the smallest country in Africa. Most doctors in Seychelles come from all over the world, and the task of “healing the wounded and saving the dying” mainly relies on assistance.This is our 10th month supporting Seychelles, and between us we have performed over 260 surgeries.The local medical referral system is very clear, in addition to the hospital work, we also undertake referrals to all clinics on the main island and visits to the outer islands.Chinese medical teams have been supporting Seychelles for 35 years and have contributed to the improvement of local medical standards.Walking on the street, we often meet local people greeting us with “ni hao”, which also shows local people’s recognition of China.Therefore, the local people also know that the Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people, so they specially give us a few days off. We don’t need to be on duty, but our mobile phones are turned on 24 hours a day, so we can provide assistance in case of emergency.We can’t go back until April 2023.This year is destined to be a Spring Festival without family reunion.But with the care from home, the support of the hospital and family, we are not alone.This time, Shandong sent a total of 6 doctors to help Seychelles, we will celebrate the festival together, each person to cook a special dish.Just now, a local Chinese company has delivered their own leeks to us, and we are preparing to make leek dumplings, which will be more delicious for the New Year.Chen Zhifei (first from right) works at Haier Industrial Park in Northern India.Haier Industrial Park in Northern India was just completed and put into operation at the end of 2021. All work is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner. With the arrival of the third wave of epidemic in India, the operation of the park faces greater challenges.In order to achieve the goal of “production means production and profit means production”, my five Chinese colleagues and I need to stay in The local area and lead the Indian team to ensure the completion of various production tasks during the Spring Festival.This is the third Spring Festival I have spent overseas since I joined Haier 20 years ago.We miss our relatives all the time during the festival. Although we cannot return to China for family reunion, the care from the motherland makes us feel warm, especially the Chinese Embassy in India has sent us the Spring Festival condolence package and epidemic prevention materials.Leaders and colleagues from the company headquarters also visited our families.Looking ahead to the New Year, we are keenly aware that the key to state-to-state relations lies in the closeness of the people. Our team will continue to contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative and serve as ambassadors of friendship for people-to-people exchanges between China and India, telling China’s stories and conveying China’s voice in India.Every day we work outside, we pay attention to the development of our hometown.Happy New Year and all the best to all the folks in Qingdao.I wish the motherland prosperity and people happiness.Yao Zhifeng, r & D engineer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute: To provide service for “Made in Qingdao” in Chile.As the “Made in Qingdao” rail trains arrived in Chile one after another, my colleagues and I arrived in Santiago, capital of Chile, on May 16 last year to conduct a series of type tests for the vehicles to be delivered.In recent years, the company has established comprehensive inspection and testing capabilities for rail transit vehicles. Traction brake test, vehicle dynamic performance test, vehicle noise test, electromagnetic compatibility test and other services have gone abroad to serve foreign customers.The hard power of “Made in Qingdao” and the soft power of “Test in Qingdao” have been recognized by Chilean owners.Due to my work schedule and the impact of the epidemic, I will spend the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in Chile, which will also be my first overseas Chinese New Year.Due to the local epidemic, we could not go out to have a party, so my colleagues and I made dumplings and cooked some simple meals in the dormitory.What we are most looking forward to is the video call with our family on New Year’s Eve, Beijing time.My son Yao Yao is more than two years old. When I left Qingdao, he could only call Papa and Mama. Now he can say New Year’s greetings.In the face of complex international environment and fluctuating epidemic situation, it is extremely difficult to implement overseas projects. As an employee of CRRC who sticks to overseas work, I represent not only my own image, the image of Qingdao, but also the image of the motherland. I will do my best to do my job well and provide good service for customers.The year of the Tiger is approaching. Happy New Year to all Qingdao residents.Wish “Made in Qingdao” continue to sail to the sea, “Qingdao brand” sing the world!Wang Shuangbao, director of computer Science department at Morgan State University: Happy New Year to the people of my hometown and the Year of the Tiger!Wang Shuangbao sent his best wishes from the United States.Every festive season times miss relatives!On the occasion of the Coming Of the New Year, I would like to extend my New Year greetings to all the folks in Qingdao and wish you a happy New Year, a happy year of the Tiger, peace and family reunion.I would like to take this opportunity to wish my 93-year-old mother good health and a long life.I was born and raised in Qingdao. Now I am working in the United States as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT and Cambridge University. I am the winner of the LINK Scholar Award in the United States.In 1999, I went to the United States to study with Professor Ledley, the inventor of computed tomography (CT).Currently, I am the Chair of the Computer Science Department at Morgan State University in Maryland. I have made some achievements in artificial intelligence and information security. I have been the host and chief speaker of many international conferences, and my recent book became the best seller on Amazon.In education, students always come first.Although Chinese American professors are allowed to take a vacation during the Spring Festival, as the dean of the department, I have to give up my vacation and devote myself to teaching, scientific research and management, considering the 400 students.As a result of the Novel Coronavirus, I have not been able to go back to Qingdao to see my mother, who is in her 90s, for more than two years.Although my mother is basically illiterate, she actively learned wechat and other communication software in order to communicate with her son.On New Year’s Eve, I will invite my friends to my home to celebrate the Spring Festival.On the first day of the New Year, I will send New Year’s greetings on wechat to my family members, relatives and friends who used to work together in Qingdao’s science and technology industry.Kong Xiangbo, project manager of Aishalam Power Plant of China Construction Port Group: “Build in Qingdao” in Bangladesh.The Spring Festival of 2022 is coming.At this moment, the motherland is everywhere filled with joy and peace festive atmosphere.From faraway Bangladesh, I would like to send my best wishes to the motherland and Qingdao.The Essalam Power Plant project in Bangladesh is a result of the Belt and Road Initiative and the BCIM Economic Corridor. It is a major cooperation project between China and Bangladesh.The plant, located near Chittagong, Bangladesh, is planning to build two 660MW supercritical coal-fired power units, which are the largest coal-fired power units in Bangladesh with the largest single capacity at present. All the main machines are made in China.China Construction Port is responsible for the civil construction and electrical installation of breakwater, wharf and approach bridge of the project.Since May 2019, I have been involved in the construction management of the Aisalam Power Plant project.At present, the project construction is orderly progress.Due to the epidemic and schedule, 13 Chinese managers and 41 Chinese workers dispatched to the project department of the company could not go home during the Spring Festival.On New Year’s Eve, in order to promote the traditional Chinese culture, the Chinese in our project department and more than 200 Bangladeshi employees held a tug-of-war friendship competition between China and Bangladesh, and spent the Spring Festival with them to feel the taste of The Chinese New Year.This year is the ninth Spring Festival I have spent in a foreign place.At this moment, I miss my parents, wife and children more.But the mission is rock, the responsibility is shoulder.In the New Year, we will complete the construction tasks with higher quality and higher standards, so that the brand of “Qingdao Build” and China Construction Port will be well-known in Bangladesh.Wish Qingdao a modern international metropolis as soon as possible, wish the Qingdao people a better life, and wish the Qingdao people in the north of the South China Sea a happy New Year and a thriving tiger.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News Reporter Lin Junyan, Li Deyin, Xi Fuchun, Guo Jing Li, Liu Lanxing, Yang Guangzhou, Jianliang)

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