Quzhou adjusted the health management measures of people coming to quzhou and returning to Quzhou in shangcheng District, Xihu District, Binjiang district and Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou

Uptown, depressed, binjiang, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, given that adjust the centralization and control area, prevent area range, the prevention and control work suggests, according to the province by the Quzhou City COVID – 19 outbreak zone comprehensive work leading group office (headquarters), report to the municipal headquarters agree, decided to have a hangzhou uptown centralization, controlled area, lake the centralization, controlled area,Those with travel and residence history in binjiang and Xiaoshan sealed and controlled areas, who have been quarantined for less than 14 days, shall be transferred to daily health monitoring for the rest time.”2+14″ health management measures will still be implemented for those with travel and residence history in the prevention area of Shangcheng District, Xihu District, Binjiang District and Xiaoshan District.The following table shows the health management measures for people coming from quzhou and returning to Quzhou areas at risk of COVID-19

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