Jiang Yong: Tang Derong investigated the epidemic prevention and control work in the county

Rednet Moment March 16 – (Correspondent Chen Pingcheng) On March 14, Tang Derong, secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee, went into the villages and towns to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control work, accompanied by Deputy County Head Jiang Lijun.De-rong tang line successively came to pine, peach milford sichuan women’s script in jiangyong county town, coarse Shi Jiang town epidemic bayonet, visit a line condolences to epidemic prevention cadre, take a closer look at the key crowd, migrants, and vehicle screening and nucleic acid testing records, serious about disease prevention and control measures to carry out the situation, detailed understanding of the personnel on duty, unattended, material reserves, and so on and so forth.Tang derong pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex, so the county should improve its political position, strengthen responsibility, carry forward the fine style of fighting hard and continuous battles, stick to their posts, make persistent efforts, and do all they can to ensure the safety of people’s lives.Tang derong asked the staff of epidemic prevention and control bayonet to play a full role, strictly guard against the outbreak, check and control in place in accordance with relevant requirements, to ensure that nothing goes wrong;At the same time, to do information sharing, find problems timely push feedback.We should strengthen publicity and raise the awareness of public protection.

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