The stairs can’t even waste a corner, why didn’t you think of the bookshelf wall as an extension?A study for nothing

House area is small not afraid, want you to plan well only, can be more than big house function, design feeling is dyein, practical stronger!Take his home for example, the area is only 30 square meters, not only realize the room in the room, only a bookshelf wall, can extend the stairs and mini desk, a wall to get the study!Speaking of the bookshelf wall, will only think of its amazing storage, and cleaning problems, did not expect that the bookshelf wall can also do extension design, a bookshelf wall to achieve storage, display, up and down the floor and learning multiple functions, is the general design can not do.And only occupy the stairs and wall space, super saving space ~ if your home is to do local empty or loft structure, you can refer to such a design.If you want to achieve the bookshelf wall, you need to install a lot of shelves or cabinets on the wall, open and closed combination, or you can choose to install the glass cabinet door, so that we can clean a lot of easy, while not the display function of the bookshelf wall.While doing buy content to wear, do linear stair step, with buy content to wear combination, such an organic whole feels very, also made full use of stair flank wall body.② The bookshelf wall extends the combined staircase to hide the mini desk.Resemble small family model, the proposal chooses foldable or can hide the design, choose stair step to extend here mini book desktop, although not big, but enough a person office or study, move to chair for leaning on can.When it is not needed, it can be automatically pulled or folded inside the steps.The combination stair that extends to bookshelf wall, can choose not to install guardrail, because the stair that builds is interlayer stair basically, so total height is not high, install guardrail, produce depressive feeling to small house instead, do not install do not affect safety, whole house will be a few more capacious., of course, in addition to the extended hidden mini desk, stair footfall in the wall shelf combination under the stairs, you can use this part of the space, extending lateral desk, this is the more common method, very apply for double entry building, clever use under the stair space, do not waste one inch, more study out ~ or can use wall shelf combination under the stair space put TV ark and television,This saves the installation of TV wall, decorative effect and space utilization are leverage drops!The above triple combination, full sense of design, save space, if you feel that the decoration is more complex, you can consider the double combination of bookshelf wall, simple, but also very practical design.The first is a deeply enlarged bookshelf wall with a built-in desk.The second is shelf wall horizontal, vertical extension desk.The third is the combination of bookshelf wall and drawer cabinet desktop.(Image partly from the Internet)

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