Sun Yizhen “thirty-nine” featurette super skin!Steal poke face + shake ass, zero even package real face open

LINE, 39, is in a good relationship.Our south Korean chaebol daughter and CEO Yoon Se-ri is finally back with her new work!Sohn ye jin in 2019 with her boyfriend hyun bin the promise of “landing of love”, a temporary seal performance for 2 years, under the fans expect 2022 fit the witty doctor living field beauty, excellent actress Jin Zhixian new Korean dramas “thirty-nine (on February 16, from Netflix, everybody ready for the Sun Xian?40 generations ago…Story of three women in the “thirty-nine” turns into jiangnan dermatologist, dean of car beauty face son ye-jin, put on white show different character charm, plot describes high school girlfriends just know 3 people group before entering the 40 mark, face topics such as love, family, career, gripping, close to the mass of the plot, forcing seems to cry a lot of fans (smile),The release of posters and trailers also caused a heated discussion, especially sun Xian’s aging beauty, so that the whole network fell in love again!”Thirty-nine” from individual posters to group photos are warm and beautiful wind, each one is full of hazy beauty, in fact, shooting behind the scenes full of jokes!Latest official public tidbits in the film, you will see the real interaction process as well as the actors in private, among them the fairy! (laughs) – the skin sohn ye jin smile petals blown open hands, this individual posters have been mad to forget, is so of, can see sohn ye jin holding petals have been blowing hard, also strictly required point in time,Each Angle back and forth several times, but also take advantage of the disorderly bad version of the rabbit possessed body, a second to make a rabbit face (laugh), let the staff follow the explosion of laughter.Poster in group 3 girlfriends when shooting and laughter filled with sohn ye jin, sohn ye jin station C a left over right, the stylist of hair short downtime, don’t forget to make the tongue fart fart, little affectations as goddess in super good mood ~ in the main actor group photo shoot, you obediently sat in a row and, sohn ye jin is still to skin, sneak across the door.Gently prodded Kim Ji-hyun with his finger, lovely action again let the scene laughter again and again!

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