Steady!The Spring Festival rain and snow freeze, Jinhua People’s Daily necessities are guaranteed

According to the municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to actively respond to the low temperature rain and snow weather, to ensure that the city’s people during the festival necessities market demand, the city’s commercial departments to ensure the city’s people’s “rice bag” “vegetable basket”.The Commerce Department has selected 146 enterprises with strong representative, wide coverage and large sales from the city as key contact units to prepare enough daily necessities;Urge wholesale markets, industry associations, key supply enterprises, fresh e-commerce enterprises, production and distribution enterprises of the whole industrial chain to play their respective roles, give full play to their own advantages, and work together to ensure the supply of daily necessities.Up to now, China has established 240 emergency grain supply points, six emergency distribution centers, and 26 emergency grain processing enterprises to ensure the operation of grain processing and distribution under emergency conditions.At present, the city’s supply of daily necessities is rich in variety, sufficient in quantity and stable in price, which can be put on the market at any time according to demand.

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