Expert: The poor performance of Chinese men’s football team is not their problem, the fans do not understand the ball is the big problem

On the afternoon of February 8, the Chinese men’s national football team, which was in isolation in Suzhou, appeared at the taihu Lake base and began their first outdoor practice after returning to China.It is understood that the whole training lasted about 90 minutes.The content involved jogging, body pulling, grabbing the ring, etc., the players also carried out a certain intensity of confrontation training.Although the Chinese men’s national football team received “sneers” and even blunt criticism from fans after winning the Asian Women’s Cup, the men’s national football team did not suffer too much from the training, and remained devoted to the training.China’s men’s national football team has been the target of public criticism since losing to Vietnam on the first night of The Chinese New Year and failing to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.In addition, China has invested a lot in the field of football in recent years. Previously, they said that coaches are not good, so they hired lippi, Hiddink and other world-class coaches.Say the ability of the player drops a lot, then naturalize Alan, luo Guofu, finando and other foreign players.But for all that money and all that work, the results of the Chinese men’s soccer team are still terrible.Why does this happen?Huang Xin, a Chinese sports expert, recently said on social media that China’s poor performance in men’s soccer is not their problem. Youth training and professional soccer need to be improved, but the problem is that our fans don’t understand the ball.I don’t know how this expert got the title of expert. One thing is, the poor technical and tactical level of National football team has nothing to do with the fans, and the fans will not improve their level even if they don’t complain.However, the so-called “Chinese football fans” (including “we media”) are absolutely responsible for the current domestic media environment.Fans do not understand the tactics from the game, only willing to stay at a lively stage, have become a win blowing, lost spray diode.In fact, follow the wind to scold two words in fact does not matter, the most terrible is the kind of youth training to pull back the people.The crowd clamoured that Chinese football was rich boys and that football was an aristocratic sport;But the players family components baidu a check on the price of football training classes around the code;Every day Shouting my relatives so-and-so my classmate so-and-so was black coach, when you ask him, no one can give you a clear reply;There are those who spread the false news that sleeping players’ parents and football school tuition is 100,000 yuan a year, which has been refuted for ten thousand years, and those who promote football training to a professional level, as if football training will not be able to study for college, these people are really hurting the foundation of Chinese football.

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