Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone yingcai Primary school to carry out spring school staff fire safety knowledge training

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi points The reporter Wen-jun xu correspondent Cao the happiness to strengthen the management of school safety, popularize knowledge of fire safety, further enhance the fire safety awareness of the general staff and fire fighting skills, February 14, 2022, dongying economic and technological development zone elite primary school invited dongying economic and technological development zone fire rescue brigade instructor liu,To carry out the spring school teaching staff fire safety knowledge training, all staff participated in the training.Instructor Liu analyzed the causes of fire, combined with the typical fire cases in recent years, and introduced the characteristics of school fire and family fire to teachers through pictures and texts, as well as the disastrous phenomenon caused by fire.Introduced in the fire, teachers should be how to prevent and escape self-rescue and emergency evacuation.At the same time, it teaches the common fire signs, the use of common fire fighting facilities and the basic methods of fire fighting.In addition, I also interacted with teachers on the spot, asked questions and answered them, corrected the misunderstanding of fire fighting, and improved the awareness of fire safety of teachers.The overall fire training activities, we grasp and understand the basic knowledge of fire safety, expand the teaching staff of fire safety early warning and response capacity, at the same time, it will prevent safety consciousness penetrated the everyone’s mind, the future for the school of sustainability, normalized fire safety education laid a solid foundation.Yingcai Primary School will further strengthen fire safety education, so as to ensure the safety of the school and the majority of teachers and students.

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