Does wang Yaoqing, a domineering president, still play a rich man in the new play “Perfect Partner”?

Speaking of yaoqing wang this name you might be a bit strange, but a mention he starred in the TV series and movies, I believe you will emerge a image in my head, middle-aged man of medium height, long not handsome but also can’t let people hate, delicate suit three-piece, commercial oil head, talk with some Taiwanese cavity, can see his bullying is the role of President,But the “stink of copper” is uncontrollable spillage.Wang yaoqing is back in the TV series The Perfect Partner, which began airing last month, but it remains to be seen whether he still plays a rich man in it.In recent years, Wang yaoqing seems to have cemented his on-screen persona as a domineering CEO. Come to think of it, in what TV series have we seen him play, he didn’t wear an elaborate three-piece suit?If there’s a new TV series that doesn’t have an actor to play the role of a bachelor with a slightly villanous supporting role, Wang yaoqing is the one to go!Have to admit that Wang Yaoqing played the rich is really that flavor, what flavor?It’s the kind of flavor that fits all of our expectations of rich people, where the hardware is understated, seemingly bland, and you can’t shut up when you know the price.There was an affectation of politeness in the manner, but behind it was a look up from another class.One of the best details of Wang yaoqing’s performance is the rich man’s anger. Most of his expressions are not hysteria or swearing.His performance is the face of the first hang, is about to explode at that moment, both hands a drag suit bottom, nose a hum, leave!It’s like, “I’m already angry, but I’m a rich man, I have manners, I don’t need to get angry with you minions!”I guess it’s because the rich man he plays has a kind of reflexivity, always can put the kind of “money is really much, people are also really pretend!To express that feeling.In fact, young Wang Yaoqing is still very likable, originally is not a professional actor, but because the smile has enough appeal and began to shoot advertising and stray into the show business.As a Taiwanese actor, the turning point of his career was love is not blind, which was probably the starting point for the overbearing president who was “stinking rich”.After the play Wang Yaoqing against the impression of overbearing president, live wave naughty.When it comes to judging his acting, it’s hard to say no, but audiences will want to see more of him in different ways.

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